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Utica, NY

I’m attending a conference in Utica, NY this week and found myself driving around looking for a coffee shop. It would have been quicker for me to walk there but I did the typical thing and got in my car to traverse around the block. 79 more words

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Soulscaping Part II

About a month ago, I posted in Soulscaping about how re-sodding my lawn became a parable for my inner spiritual life.  In order to restore health to my lawn, it needed to be stripped bare in preparation for new growth.   305 more words

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This is not maternity leave

I’m about to start my second week home alone with my infant daughter. (Wow that still feels weird and wonderful to say!)

Our days consist of snuggling, screaming, washing bottles, dancing, laundry, eating, washing bottles, sleeping, walking the dog, marathons of… 1,866 more words

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What I'm Reading (later!)

I feel torn between wondering if I’m terribly conceited and arrogant for thinking anyone cares what I”m reading (isn’t that always the question with blogging?) and wanting to share fun interesting things to read. 163 more words

Why the Cheekykey?

Saucy, bold, daring, brave, even fearless?! Yes, I hope to be all of those things or at the very least write about them as if I were. 83 more words

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Routine, Sweet Routine

You may ask ‘Why no knitting blog post?’

I would say, ‘Thanks for asking.’

It’s hard to stay focused on making bags. I mean, it’s hard to stay focused, period. 501 more words


Spot-light on Hemangiomas

When Owen was born, his face was clear, but it was only a few weeks before we began to notice that something was different.  Our first indication was a white patch on his cheek that showed up especially when he cried. 880 more words

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