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End the Electoral College

Today I posted the following message on Twitter:

So many teachable moments right now: Citizenship, democracy, critical thinking, media literacy. Let’s prepare our future leaders! …

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Intro: What I'm Thinking

As an introvert, I think a lot. As simplistic as that sounds, it’s actually one of the truer ways I could introduce this section of my blog. 539 more words

What I'm Thinking

The Rescuers

I’m using this for my Classic You’ve Never Read square on my book bingo.

Yes, this is the source material for the beloved children’s animated classic… 561 more words

What I'm Reading

Adventures in Sleeping, Part II

Last time I told you about some of the strategies I’ve used to get better at sleeping, and I promised I’d share some of the strange inner workings of my sleepy mind.  526 more words

What I'm Thinking

Adventures in Sleeping, Part I

I have never been very good at sleeping. I think nights were pretty rough for my parents for quite a while after I was born. (sorry, Mom and Dad…) I cannot sleep in cars. 652 more words

What I'm Thinking

Choosing to be Happy

“I think it’s brave to try to be happy. You’ve gotten so comfortable being unhappy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning and choose to be happy?” 380 more words

What I'm Thinking

Making Decisions

I have always struggled with decisions. I think I always waffle because I’m afraid of making the “wrong” choice. I worry about the other possibilities, the other things I might miss out on when I decide to go down a certain path. 624 more words

What I'm Thinking