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Today I had a breakthrough...

After years of starting and then ending my other two blogs, LA Nightimer and Haikoochie, I’ve decided to put the era of bloglessness to an end. 690 more words


Making the Most of Snow Days

Snow days are awesome. I’ve had several in the past week and have been so thoroughly pleased not to have to go to work and teach and be responsible for so many young people. 668 more words

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Pruning and the Life Loss Brings

It’s at this time that I need to introduce the biggest, most consistent inspiration of learning, growth, insight, and so many other traits I could never have possibly attained alone: my sister. 702 more words

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My Favorite Resources for People with Uteruses

…or is it uteri? Like octopi? Do octopi have uteri? What about platypi? (I just checked: uteri is in fact the plural of uterus, octopi lay eggs, and platypi is not a real word.) 733 more words

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Oh, Ye of Little Faith

So, I’m reading through Matthew currently in my morning quiet times, and right in the middle of the book (something like Chapters 14 – 18 or so), Jesus really kicks off his ministry. 551 more words

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Everything is an Experiment

Action is crucial. You can dream about your future all you want, about the awesome person you’re going to become…you know, the one who does all the things you… 809 more words

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T is for Toddler

Some of you will know that I have recently been obsessed with and forcing on everyone I know the book  H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald. 1,352 more words

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