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Internet Dateing.

I think I am a internet taunter or whatever. The main reason for this is because I have acctually only ever been on 2 internet dates. 146 more words

Defunding Arts and Culture: Will It Happen?

My guess is no. But if you live in Trump Nation, and your state or city is not committed to restoring cuts with state and local tax dollars, prepare for cuts to the small cultural institutions and programs that make a huge difference to your community. 1,246 more words


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I'm encouraged by Potter's measured assessment of the situation. I've got a couple of associations to join and Congressmen to write. Now, who has ideas about how to protect the Legal Services Corporation from this budget?


I came across this post by Neil Gaiman about the need for creative artists to make a will. I agree whole heartedly. The link features a pdf that can be used as a template. 31 more words


On the Beauties of a Broken Routine

One of the side effects of staring your college graduation in the face that doesn’t get talked about enough is the ever-growing proclivity towards existential crises. 991 more words

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Today I had a breakthrough...

After years of starting and then ending my other two blogs, LA Nightimer and Haikoochie, I’ve decided to put the era of bloglessness to an end. 690 more words


Making the Most of Snow Days

Snow days are awesome. I’ve had several in the past week and have been so thoroughly pleased not to have to go to work and teach and be responsible for so many young people. 668 more words

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Pruning and the Life Loss Brings

It’s at this time that I need to introduce the biggest, most consistent inspiration of learning, growth, insight, and so many other traits I could never have possibly attained alone: my sister. 702 more words

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