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Oh, Ye of Little Faith

So, I’m reading through Matthew currently in my morning quiet times, and right in the middle of the book (something like Chapters 14 – 18 or so), Jesus really kicks off his ministry. 555 more words

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Everything is an Experiment

Action is crucial. You can dream about your future all you want, about the awesome person you’re going to become…you know, the one who does all the things you… 809 more words

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T is for Toddler

Some of you will know that I have recently been obsessed with and forcing on everyone I know the book  H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald. 1,352 more words

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Be it so resolved...

Here’s my unedited list of completely manageable and realistic resolutions, goals, to-dos, and aspirations for 2017:

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Sleep at least 6 hours per night.
  3. 694 more words
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My Dishonest Heart

When I was young, my mother ran a daycare in our house. It was a way to keep an income while also being able to keep me from going to a daycare myself. 634 more words

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End the Electoral College

Today I posted the following message on Twitter:

So many teachable moments right now: Citizenship, democracy, critical thinking, media literacy. Let’s prepare our future leaders! …

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At some point in time, I realized I would never stop learning. My current season of life inside Academia might one day end (dear God, I hope), but I will never outgrow my need to learn from the things around me. 324 more words

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