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Community - June 23

When I’m out with my kids, and I run into someone I know, there’s going to be a chance for conversation lingering beyond their bank of patience. 174 more words

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What I'm Thinking - June 18

Sundays are good days for taking things a little slower. For getting up a little earlier to weed the garden before it gets too hot. To not be bothered by the kids sleeping in. 454 more words

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What Engagement Really Is

I write this post on a Saturday night, a time when I should be away from my computer and enjoying the weekend. Ok, let’s retract – I am enjoying my weekend. 757 more words

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The process of writing according to Murakami

I have been a fan of Murakami for a very long time so I decided to read a book about him written in 2003, “Haruki Murakami and the music of words” by Jay Rubin. 352 more words

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What I'm thinking - June 13

I was supposed to be going to bed early tonight so I can get an early start to a road trip to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in five years. 97 more words

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June Check in (or: oh shit, the year's half gone)

Hey, it’s been awhile…let’s check in on ye olde resolutions.

  1. Drink more water. Still still still no.
  2. Sleep at least 6 hours per night. Still no.
  3. 1,855 more words
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How Technology Can Drive Your Beliefs and Practices

Integrating technology into education is a subtle process. It may seem like a big deal at first, especially when that interactive whiteboard goes up on the wall, or every student now has a Chromebook at their desks. 443 more words

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