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‘Post-exams pre-results’ musings

With the all important results day speedily approaching, I saw fit to write a post in preparation, with one single purpose: to reassure myself (and anyone else!) that ‘grades do not define us’. 331 more words


2015 Best Books - High School

Here are my picks for the best Young Adult books of the last five years.

*PS: Please forgive my horrible failure to read all the great new YA fiction of the last five years. 360 more words


The things we carry

Here’s one thing I didn’t anticipate about parenthood: that I would take so many pictures of the inside of my house. One thing that I’ve really noticed is all the… 678 more words

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Feminism or scapegoating?

Feminism. Noun: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Copy and pasted from google. Not that it was necessary to google it. 609 more words


The Baby Wait

This is the one year anniversary (or close enough to it) of the first time we were not-picked for an adoptive placement.

It is a weird thing, let me tell you, to talk to someone who is thinking about giving you her baby. 1,940 more words

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I don't believe in gender

I haven’t written about my life in a while, and I need to fix that soon, but right now I feel the need to express my views on gender. 742 more words

What I'm Thinking