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On being outsmarted by a toddler, #metoo, and Hunger

Content warning: sexual harassment, assault, trauma, #metoo

This morning L. was playing with two little wooden animals, a fish and a gorilla. She told me the fish was afraid, because the gorilla was scary. 1,915 more words

What I'm Thinking

The Best of the Worst.

When it comes down to trades, this league gets it.  Obviously, by saying this league, “gets it” I very clearly mean that we only trade a lot.  2,815 more words


Nothing is Normal Now - Including the Wines I'm Drinking

In Houston and the surrounding area, in fact on the whole post-Harvey Gulf Coast of Texas, nothing is normal now. And what passes for normal won’t return for a while yet, maybe not for a very long while. 852 more words

Wine Tasting

What I'm Thinking & What Your Team Says About You

Here’s the deal, I’m basically going to make surface level assumptions on most of you and probably shit on something you’ve done, will do, or are currently doing.   1,229 more words



When I talk about fine wine, the first two considerations are Person and Place. Person refers to the living Motive Force that drives the quality of a wine or wines. 1,270 more words

Geek Speak: TERROIR

If you read about fine wine for more than a few minutes, you will run into the word “terroir”. Too often terroir is italicized either in print or verbally – I see some people make finger quotation marks each time they say terroir. 1,346 more words


Having a Social Media Presence = Being an Active Citizen

I know about the negatives regarding social media, the detriments of being “always on”. We are distracted; we sometimes prioritize our online connections over our physical ones; we become accustomed to responding to our messages and other habit-building notifications. 366 more words