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Run run run, little train.

A week ago I decided to make my most recent blogging endeavor public. I mean, it was always public, but I thought I’d make it public knowledge. 147 more words


Hey Loves!  I’m back with another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share with you all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Eating… 740 more words


Hey Hey Happy Wednesday!

It’s another Wednesday, and another day that I get to tell you What’s Up in my life. And since I missed last week’s #WhatUpWednesday, this one is going to be extra big :) 806 more words

7 Short, Worthwhile Reads from Around the Internet

1. The Business of Murder

Flash fiction when done effectively tends to be over before the reader is ready. This thrilling, 937-word piece about a planned homicide agency that never misses an appointment will keep you thinking long after the final sentence. 292 more words

What I'm Up To

Stoner Currently vol. 1

smoking Grape Jelly Donut and indica from Urban Pharm located somewhere in the Mission in San Francisco.
rolling I rolled it on a Very Cherry Juicy J. 347 more words



Guys. It’s Wednesday! We’re half way through the week which means I’m one day closer to heading HOME for the weekend! Yayyy!

It also means it’s #WhatUpWednesday… so it’s time to tell you What’s Up in my life! 566 more words