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It’s been a wild few days here in Southern California, and consequently not much surfing action for me. Typically English and used to frequent downpours, the desert dwellers looked on in amazement as I walked along the rain in the beach to get some shots of the storm. 134 more words

What I'm Up To

My Own Personal Annus Horribilus

I still remember the Queen’s 1992 yearly Christmas address, when she let down her guard and referred to her “Annus Horribilus”. Not to make light of such a serious thing or to make it the butt of jokes, but it certainly did have the ability to bring one to attention. 1,909 more words


Time To Look At My Life Choices Tuesday

This week I am:

Watching: Peep Show

With the new series out (quite enjoyed the first episode’s madness) I have decided that I have to rewatch the series. 215 more words


Not a writer, taking it one blog at a time

Maybe you’ve noticed, but I’m not a real writer or even a blogger. I never had the aspiration of becoming one and writing has never been my strong suit. 92 more words

What I'm Up To

A first blog, subject stress

The pressure of writing a first blog doesn’t really help figuring out what it is you’re going to right about. So in good faith of writing a lot more blogs from now on,  I just picked a topic.   247 more words

What I'm Up To

Taking Stock in October (a bit of fun)

Since my blog posts have been a bit heavy lately, I thought this bit of fun would be perfect for right now. After reading Mrs. Woogs… 927 more words



Planning a baby shower for my sister.

Knitting up October’s blanket and
Needing to buy more yarn for it already.

Fighting to get up in the mornings to run. 132 more words