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second novel coming soon!

Seven years ago, I finished the first draft of this novel. Since then, it’s been re-written three times. The decade its set in has changed, new characters were introduced, another country was added, whole plot-lines have gone and new ones emerged, the title changed and changed back, and the author has been changed as a result of this long endeavor. 513 more words

In Progress

New Year optimisim

I’ve been thinking about the bold statement I made in early December about my second draft of The Beach:

‘I’m optimistically hoping to have this finished by the end of June.’ 138 more words


Nobody's Perfect -- The Best Picture Project

So, a little more than a year ago the complete, collected, and re-edited Best Picture Project appeared in book form.  It sold like gangbusters, which is to say, it barely sold at all.  169 more words

The Best Picture Project


What the heck happened this year? And the blog? Where did it go? I just realized the titles for my last three posts could tell a story. 251 more words

What I'm Writing

Resolutions and Indecisions

I’ve decided that my New Year’s resolution is “Be Better About Blogging.” I’ve also decided that waiting until the actual New Year to try to implement this resolution is stupid, so I’m going start now and maybe by the time New Year’s actually rolls around, I’ll be in the habit of doing it. 472 more words

Happy Holidays! Buy Something!

Ah, here we are at the time of year when the good people of the world start throwing around shitloads of money on gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  199 more words

The Best Picture Project