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Day 2: First Up, First Out

A week has passed since I last performed. After getting back on the saddle with stand up, at first, I felt a little disheartened. Not that I expected to kill, but I was just kind of jarred by how hard it is, how delusional I must be to think I can actually *do* comedy, and what my life will entail doing open mics more and more frequently. 559 more words

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Tomorrow, a Wednesday in late July will be my first day of writing, an entire day for writing, in…..an immeasurable time. I used to write on Wednesdays and Saturdays as a regular schedule, and often micro sessions in between, before having a kid. 258 more words

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Writer Problems-Passive Voice

Let’s talk about writer problems.

One thing I often edit for in my writing is passive voice. What is passive voice? Simply put, it is when the subject of a sentence is acted on by the verb in the sentence. 207 more words

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Hobby or Something More

Writing starts out as a hobby for many people. It did for me and that made it easy to walk away from it or prioritize other tasks over it. 1,000 more words

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Why I Don't Say Theater

When writing in any capacity, the writer always has to consider voice. Voice can mean a couple different things to a writer. It can be the writer’s own style of writing, syntax, sentence construction, etc. 916 more words

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Summer reading has long-lasting impact on kids

Kids and books are a hard-to-beat combination when it comes to closing the achievement gap. Click to read today’s Nevada Appeal column all about Summer Reading… 6 more words