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Mountains of Memories

There’s Mt. Whitney dirt buried beneath the layer of dust on these boots. Nearly twenty years after the journey they remain under the nightstand, waiting for the next trek.  199 more words


Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Today is my husband’s 28th birthday.  Happy birthday, Chris!

This is extra fun because this is our first holiday (other than Easter) since we got married.   157 more words

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If we were having coffee right now...

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you about the people at my church. Since I suggested that people might want to watch… 715 more words

What I'm Writing

Dogtown Redemption

I can’t promise that I won’t mention this important film again. The reason – everyone needs to watch it. The Independent Film version of Dogtown Redemption can be… 112 more words

What I'm Writing

Broken Dreams

Last week I posted an article about my homeless son that I wrote for The Street Spirit. Today I encourage everyone to put this on your calendar: … 301 more words

What I'm Writing

short sale

don’t put it on the market
just tell the neighbors,
you are
for the next
…you don’t really need it…
do you? 54 more words


This Man Is My Son

Earlier this month I wrote an article that appears in The Street Spirit, an East Bay newspaper dedicated to empowering the poor and homeless. Often I am asked “Why can’t your homeless son just move in with you?” There is no simple answer to this complicated issue. 1,004 more words

What I'm Writing