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#rethinkchurch Prepare

Prepare… the list. Grandma will be working another 21 years. Writing is limited to lists these days as the holidays creep closer and shopping is not complete.

What I'm Writing

NaNoWriMo 2016 Recap

(Deeeeep breaaaath)

Ok.  It’s been a loooong time since I’ve written a blog post which kind of bums me out.  When I warned you that my posts would be less frequent, I wasn’t meaning that I’d be silent for 3.5 weeks.   507 more words

What I'm Writing

#Rethinkchurch Patience

Patience – taking snare wire and shaping into intricate wall art. These fascinating pieces of art are created from wires used in illegal poaching, turning bad intentions into good ones, and increasing awareness. 7 more words

What I'm Writing

Can Powerful Stories Help us Build a Better World?

For the first time, Adel felt truly aware of the broader movements which had always governed his life.

And the wildy conflicting truths that resided within a person.

1,357 more words

Free #edchat Resource: The Secrets of Self-Directed Learning

Today is the release of The Secrets of Self-Directed Learning: Strategies for nurturing and stimulating independent learners. What started as a whitepaper for FreshGrade is now an eBook. 166 more words


Rethinking and Nanowrimo

Anyone who follows me must know by now that I’m forever seeking the next challenge. As we enter into advent, it’s a time of year for reflection and hope.   116 more words

What I'm Writing

Back to Work!

I’m happy to report that I’m now back to writing daily – or at least, daily in that I’ve been

writing every day for the last couple of days. 413 more words

What I'm Writing