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Happy Favourites of the Week - Blog posts

6 Affirmations blog post

This blog post by Paula from Thirteen Thoughts is basically my thoughts put in a much better way than what I could’ve done myself! 360 more words

What Inspires Me

The sustainable Instagram account I am loving

I recently found this Instagram account and was surprised how much I like it and for a peculiar reason. Usually, I like to watch nice pictures on Instagram, but the thing I liked with this account, … 24 more words


Happy Favourites of the Week - mint green phone and feminism

My new phone cover

I know my phone is new and to keep it in good condition I like to use a phone cover. I didn’t realise I would like using one, but actually I prefer using it this way. 212 more words

What Inspires Me

Refilling The Well: Getting Re-inspired After A Creative Drought by Jennie Jarvis

By Jennie Jarvis

Have you ever had a period of time where the very idea of writing stresses you out? You remember what writing is, don’t you? 1,321 more words


Inspiration of the Month - free online courses

In September we are used to getting ready to put our thinking hats on and start studying. Some with pleasure and some less eagerly. Ones you graduate into the real working life with no real summer holiday this month feels odd. 609 more words

What Inspires Me

Greenhood Orchid

Spring is finally ‘officially’ here and I have been torn between walks in the bush to find flowers, drawing and gardening.  I feel like the puppy, excitedly running from one to the other, not settling at anything. 286 more words



On my trip to Luxembourg, I also got to visit the beautiful and charming city of Metz in France. It was a pretty quick stop with a walk across the city’s nice little shops, the cathedral (which was magnificent!) and the food market, so there is not a lot to tell. 29 more words