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What a difference a decade makes (Lessons to my younger self, ten years after graduation)

It’s graduation season, and seeing others turn the page to a new chapter in life always makes me a little nostalgic. It struck me recently that it has been an entire decade since I donned my cap and gown for my high school graduation. 2,387 more words


Special Edition: Forgive and Get On With It: Getting Back Into Writing After A Long Break

By Jennie Jarvis

Let’s face it: Sometimes, life throws us some curve balls that can affect our writing. It might be something as innocent as things getting busy at work, but it could also be something really stressful like a move or even the death of a loved one. 920 more words


On Creative Planning and Failure

I’ve been reading through Brooke Shaden’s Inspiration in Photography. I’ve read it a few times since I got it two Christmas’s ago and it’s my go-to book for when I need to reconnect with my inner artist, find inspiration, and reignite my passion. 644 more words



Let me introduce myself…

My name is Josephine. I am a girl with brown hair who looks for the art in everyday life. In music, literature, people, paintings, language, nature, textiles, history…and especially in the summer. 509 more words


Fish gill

Collecting the dissolved oxygen from water is a complex operation that fishes perform by the way of their gills. These organs are made with permeable membranes which allow gas exchanges between the water and the blood of the animal. 99 more words

What Inspires Me

Unexplained sounds

Sounds produced by aquatic animals as whales are continuously recorded by the way of hydrophones placed all around the world. These hydrophones allowed scientists to detect a very surprising signal revealing the pattern of a blue whale call but a frequency of 52 Hz much lower than other blue whales (which produce sounds between 10 and 39 Hz). 103 more words

What Inspires Me