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One more wild story to cap off your week

It’s been kind of a week, you know? But don’t go anywhere yet, because something crazy seems to have happened just outside of Aleppo:

Massive explosions coming from…

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More non-boots on the non-ground

Maybe they’ll be wearing loafers or floating above the ground or something:

Another 560 U.S. troops are being sent to Iraq, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday during a visit to the Iraqi capital — the latest increase in a troop cap that will now go from 4,087 to 4,647.

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Today in self-fulfilling prophecies

Last August, the leaders of the two dominant factions (the “Sudan People’s Liberation Movement,” SPLM, and the “Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition,” SPLM-IO) in South Sudan’s almost two-year long civil war, President Salva Kiir and once-and-future Vice President Riek Machar, … 735 more words


Syria update: another ceasefire that isn't, and that rumored US-Russia deal

Yesterday there was some relatively good news out of Syria:

The Syrian army said it was observing a 72-hour ceasefire across the country coinciding with the festival marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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Iranian Kurds suddenly turning militant again

In comparison with their brethren in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, you rarely hear much about Iran’s Kurdish population, but in terms of sheer numbers (i.e., not as a percent of their country’s population) there are more Kurds in Iran than in Syria and maybe even in Iraq (estimates aren’t very consistent and there’s probably some cross-border back-and-forth that would affect any count). 980 more words


Syria's twists and turns

There’s such a constant barrage of news from Syria, somebody always advancing on this or launching air strikes on that, and it can be easy to slip into a sort of hazy feeling that things are going a certain inexorable way. 887 more words


Liberating Fallujah, or whatever's left of it

Fallujah officially belongs to Iraq again, per the Pentagon:

Iraqi security forces have “100 percent control” of Fallujah, located 40 miles west of Baghdad, Pentagon officials said.

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