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Hostilities in Aleppo have un-ceased

When last we checked in, America and Russia were scrambling to salvage a Syrian ceasefire that was beginning to look more like an aspiration than a reality. 404 more words


On the case

Good news, everybody! Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are on this Syria thing and they are going to clean this shit up:

The Kremlin says Russian President…

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Easter nightmare in Pakistan

First off, Happy Easter to those who are celebrating it today (Orthodox Christians won’t celebrate it until May 1).

Unfortunately, Easter Sunday has been turned into a horror story for people living in the… 587 more words


Nowruz, and the Iraq War at 13

First off, belated Nowruz greetings to all of you. As people learn more about Iran I find that there are more and more Nowruz “explainers” out there for people to read, though I’m still partial to… 376 more words

Middle East

Breaking the ceasefire before it even starts

The Syrian opposition finally agreed to the ceasefire that’s supposed to start in the next couple of days, albeit on a temporary basis:

Syria’s opposition indicated on Wednesday it was ready for a two-week truce in Syria, saying it was a chance to test the seriousness of the other side’s commitment to a U.S.-Russian plan for a cessation of hostilities.

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Still better than nothing

Yesterday I laid out what I think was a pretty pessimistic analysis of the Syrian ceasefire. I think it’s doomed to fail and think that it could fail in spectacular fashion, by giving Bashar al-Assad the equivalent of an international seal of approval to continue his campaign to end the Syrian civil war by killing every Syrian he finds. 386 more words


Why not try something else?

Today is turning into “Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit” day, which isn’t intentional but, you know, there are a lot of problems out there. 739 more words