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Better late than never, I guess

It’s only taken five years, but the rest of the world seems to have had an epiphany about Syria:

As the bombs continue to fall on Aleppo, a new reality is descending on Syria: the long-held belief that the conflict there will only end with a political solution might not hold true.

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A bad end to a bad week

I know it’s Friday night so I’m shouting into the void, but I spent last week and much of this week covering the aborted–well, that’s not totally fair; “aborted” suggests that it had a shot of actually coming to fruition at some point–ceasefire in Syria, and now that it’s all over but… 569 more words


Well this seems...like good news actually (?)

Ukraine, reeling from being snubbed on Donald Trump’s “I AM A BIG BOY RESPECTABLE CANDIDATE” tour of the UN General Assembly, nevertheless appears to have announced… 262 more words


BREAKING: slap fights at the UN don't help feed starving Syrians

A new account from the Syrian Civil Defense (Google “the White Helmets”), if accurate, helps to partially explain the discrepancies between the “Russia bombed the aid convoy” and “Syria bombed the aid convoy” stories: they… 1,039 more words


US, UN, witness all contradict each other on Syrian aid convoy

Per Reuters, the US believes that two Russian aircraft carried out the alleged airstrikes that allegedly destroyed a Syrian aid convoy yesterday. At the same time, also per Reuters, the UN… 550 more words


From bad to unbelievably bad

This is about as awful a thing as you could have envisioned, both from a humanitarian standpoint and if you had any hope that the nearly busted Syrian ceasefire could somehow be saved: 560 more words


Fun while it lasted?

There’s a strong possibility that the Syrian ceasefire, which would have passed the magic one week trial period as of tomorrow, is now defunct. At least it’s defunct according to the Syrian military, which resumed barrel bombing Aleppo yesterday and outright said the ceasefire is over today. 439 more words