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What is it good for? 

‘What kind of person starts a war for no reason?’

‘A mad man. And now we have no choice but to fight.’

‘We cannot do this. 88 more words


The Shortest War In History Lasted About 40 Minutes

It was the Anglo-Zanzibar war, and it was between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar. Talk about a quick skirmish… 9 more words


No brainer

Spend on war NATO

else the US will spend less

To fight humankind


Just when you thought it was safe to plan that Libyan vacation

ISIS is reportedly down to its “last stand” in the Libyan city of Sirte, left controlling only about “two blocks,” which at the rate that operation is going could mean another three months of fighting. 380 more words


It's a bad time to be a separatist leader in Ukraine

Notwithstanding whatever arrangements European leaders are concocting in their occasional summit meetings, the conflict in eastern Ukraine is still very much alive, albeit frozen. Literally, come to think of it, given the approach of another Ukrainian winter. 929 more words


A sense of proportionality

Earlier today the Yemeni rebels (I’ve decided to stop always calling them “Houthis,” because they’re not all Houthis) launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by the Saudis before it reached its target, and the Saudis then counterattacked against the site from which the missile was launched. 530 more words