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A New Normal

It has been a while since I’ve written a post. You see, I would write while my daughter nursed. Now that she is weaned, I am still trying to figure out how to best fit this blog, and writing into my busy mom life. 143 more words

Family Life

Kidding myself?

See, I keep telling everyone that will listen that I’m so lucky to have three healthy babies considering the odds. But they keep getting virus after virus at the crèche 267 more words


2018 - Year of Robotics

I have been silent through the Kanye “crisis” and the latest trending topics, honestly I was tired of having to repeat myself and the blatant disrespect. 460 more words


Alone Together

Why is it always she?
We don’t have a choice.
Not when it’s her.
You remember.
I was saying. 715 more words


Sometimes I wonder, whether a genuine try in the truth one knows, is as good as "getting it".

Two thousand five hundred years or so later, in a far away land from India, where the blessed Buddha, Gauthama Siddhartha was born, found a universal truth, spoke of a universal truth, and dwelled, I was blessed to see a small community working hard on this “Bak Full Moon Poya Day”, to bring up structures, to continue his story. 217 more words


How a Doctor Explained Bipolar vs. Normal People To Me

You know what I would love?

If, as a society – as HUMAN BEINGS – we stopped putting “versus” in between different kinds of people.

Daphne Shadows

I never came from a mould, Why would I go into one?

Sometimes I feel sad
Sad to see the lies
Sad to hear the lies
Sad to feel the lies
Happy not to live a lie… 81 more words