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What Is Normal?

I find myself struggling with what is considered “normal.” That word gets thrown around a lot. People want to be normal in some ways, above normal in others. 374 more words

Mental Health Issues

Encourage Faith

My kids and I have been sick the last few weeks. First one was sick, then the other one was sick, and then I got sick. 526 more words



I did not have a post in mind when I left the house this morning. I had bits and pieces of one perhaps, but not enough of a common thread to pull together. 850 more words


Police Officer Life: To Cop or not to Cop

In the {almost} 7 years that Hubby has been a police officer he has never needed to use his badge outside of his uniform. Well that 7 year streak ended today, we took the kids to the toy store and on the way home we decided to stop at a small grocery store to get some frozen pizza for lunch. 383 more words

What is Normal? … March 23, 2015

Whenever you posit that humanity is in trouble because the number of normal people who pull the load of society is diminished there is always that excessively liberal person that crawls out of the woodwork and exclaims “What is normal?”  … 427 more words