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Frustration of the day! Discrimination in the left-wing.

So we sometimes volunteer at a left-wing organization, where of course everyone is treated respectfully and equal.

Or are they?

Often in the past years and especially since we came out of the closet we have been considering quitting the volunteer job. 652 more words


Why gender is a taboo

There is so much distinction being made between the sexes that people don’t notice it at all. After all, we have grown up with it; women are treated like ladies and men are treated like they are expandable–err, gentlemen. 729 more words


normal human experiences vs. favorable social behaviors

Normality is a cultural and geographically specific social construct. It’s not real in a tangible sense, because trends / fashions that are normal for the time and place, but will become… 395 more words

Cognitive issues remain even when moods are stable

Cognitive issues or memory fog. For me, it’s one of the side effects of Bipolar that causes me the most grief on a daily basis. I forget my husband’s work schedule, kids’ events and important dates. 599 more words

Raw And Real

Not normal

Last night I came home late and found this piece of junk mail in my letterbox delivered by the coalition for marriage.

These unChristians could be spending money sheltering homeless people or sending aid to the Rohingya people, Mexico or Puerto Rico, but instead they waste their money on printing their lies about LGBTQIA families, based on made up fairy tales and their limited definition of what it means to be a family. 94 more words

Self Improvement

I Refuse To Be Normal, It's A Choice

There was a quote that I ran across recently that got me thinking about my life and whether or not I fit into what people call the “Normal” category. 840 more words



Have you ever questioned your anxiety? If what you’re feeling is normal, if you should be feeling these ways. If you can change it so you don’t have these feelings so often. 456 more words