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What is sexy?

I’ve been working on coming up with a list of what is sexy and this is the strange list that I came up with:

  1. Men who laugh a lot…
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Blue or brown - that beard has got to go!

 “There was, some time ago, a gentleman who was very rich. He had fine town and country houses, his dishes and plates were all of gold or silver, his rooms were hung with damask, his chairs and sofas were covered with the richest silks, and his carriages were all gilt with gold in a grand style. 342 more words

In Focus

What is sexy?

Oftentimes I wonder why certain people see others as sexy when I take one cold, hard look at them and sometimes personally want to vomit. Other times I acknowledge that the object of everyone’s fascination is reasonably attractive, but I guess I just cannot see the appeal.   366 more words

Lucas Marlone

9 Things Women Mistakenly Think Guys Find Sexy

As a desperately romantic guy, I’ve racked up more than my fair share of misguided attempts to impress women (note to all dudes: surprise-serenading a lady with a Dave Matthews tune while wearing nothing but a guitar is apparently not as sexy as it sounds). 475 more words


What makes you feel sexy?

What makes you feel sexy?

This is a question that has been on my mind over the last two weeks.  Sometimes, I will be ready to do something and ponder, … 829 more words


Beauty and the brain.

The other day I went out dancing with a friend. A male friend. Who has always been (some harmless flirting aside) firmly in the friend zone. 588 more words