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Microagression? Really?

Kurt has a knack for being able to offer  very interesting views of our culture.

Maybe that’s why he calls his blog CulturalOffering?

The eight minute series of interviews found in this story should make your head spin faster than Linda Blair’s. 124 more words

Kurt Harden

Good, Bad and In-Between

I try so hard to write positive posts. I know that I often write some things that are not positive, but feelings and thoughts that I have and I know others have them too. 1,135 more words

South Africa - Nuclear Energy - the world is NUTS!

This is an older post I put up on LinkedIn and it disappeared… then today I read on twitter that the nuclear stuff is going ahead – so I’m re-posting it because I feel like it – HUMPH! 842 more words

What is This World Coming To? | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesdays

Well, I heard it again today.  I may not hear it everyday, but I do hear it several times a week. What is this world coming to?  1,165 more words


Wendy’s Worker Victim Of New Awful Thing Kids Are Doing Now: The “Smack Cam”

File this one under Newest Scary Thing Youngins Are Doing To Freak Adults Out: A Wendy’s employee says a two kids approached her at work with a video camera, only to smack her in the face and run away laughing. 426 more words

BK Has Gone Crazy

I don’t even know where to start. I saw this article this morning and just couldn’t believe it was actually real…

The Onion actually had a video on it first awhile back which is what caused some confusion. 187 more words