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Good, Bad and In-Between

I try so hard to write positive posts. I know that I often write some things that are not positive, but feelings and thoughts that I have and I know others have them too. 1,135 more words

South Africa - Nuclear Energy - the world is NUTS!

This is an older post I put up on LinkedIn and it disappeared… then today I read on twitter that the nuclear stuff is going ahead – so I’m re-posting it because I feel like it – HUMPH! 842 more words

What is This World Coming To? | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesdays

Well, I heard it again today.  I may not hear it everyday, but I do hear it several times a week. What is this world coming to?  1,165 more words


Wendy’s Worker Victim Of New Awful Thing Kids Are Doing Now: The “Smack Cam”

File this one under Newest Scary Thing Youngins Are Doing To Freak Adults Out: A Wendy’s employee says a two kids approached her at work with a video camera, only to smack her in the face and run away laughing. 426 more words

BK Has Gone Crazy

I don’t even know where to start. I saw this article this morning and just couldn’t believe it was actually real…

The Onion actually had a video on it first awhile back which is what caused some confusion. 187 more words