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What is this Plant?

I have a pot outside the front of my house and all plants planted there have initially thrived then suddenly died. The soil has remained the same and untouched for maybe almost 12 months. 40 more words

Mystery solved

A while ago I posted about some mystery plants growing in our garden. Unfortunately, the “carrots” and “peppers” were just weeds.

We guessed right about the borage and the “tomato” actually turned out to be a potato. 46 more words


What is this plant?

Calling all plant enthusiasts…anyone know what this is?  It is almost seven feet tall.  I spotted this plant a few years ago.  The first time I noticed just fuzzy large leaves; about 8 or 10.   142 more words


curiosity means “a strong desire to know or learn something”. everybody has curiosity, some people use it and some don’t. while one person may want to go find out what camping is like, the other may say “i don’t want to what if there’s a storm?”. 64 more words

Little Sizzling Hiney…or our camping trip

*trying out watermarks on the photos-let me know what you think*

First thing first, isn’t this the most lovely place to go camping? Far from town but close to the land owner, just under a mile driving down the path but quite less if you climb the hill. 1,085 more words


This Is Where The Title Goes.

             (We got home late, I’m in a rush, can’t think of clever word play, just gonna add the card to the bottom of what I typed up last night; hope this damn thing posts on time!  664 more words