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Belgium, The Correct Way to Peadophile & Why I Want to Die.

So I’m in Belgium. That’s pretty cool. I just spent two whole hours trying to find a converter plug thing so I can use my electrics here. 406 more words

What I've Been Doing.


On the 28th Feb I took the fast train to Birmingham for the first ever UKYA Extravaganza, organised by YA authors, Emma Pass (of ‘ACID’ fame) and Carnegie nominated Kerry Drewery. 233 more words

What I've Been Doing

Sorry it took so long...


I appear not to have blogged for a while, so here’s a rundown of what’s been going on and what’s happening soon:

  • There are always great articles on the Author Allsorts blog, and last month’s theme was writers’ daily routines.  
  • 182 more words
What I've Been Doing

Christmas is Dead & The Weirdest Blowjob of 2014.

So there we go. That was Christmas. How was yours? Worth it? Probably not. They never are. I woke up in a cold house on my own and all I got was a convection heater I bought myself, so I guess you can say it might have been one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. 1,164 more words

What I've Been Doing.

That time I Was Gay in World War 1 aka The Most Fabulous War of All.

Hey! Want to learn about airports and shit while watching my first proper acting gig? I’m so versatile I have three parts. At least I think it’s three parts. 330 more words

What I've Been Doing.

A Quick Reminder I'm Still Alive or: My SEO is important to Me.

Holy shit, guys! Honestly, I think I might have made the greatest blend of coffee of all time. I’m not going to tell you what’s in it because I know how business works. 234 more words

What I've Been Doing.