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What I've Been Doing: The Journey Here

So I haven’t been writing recently.

Currently, I am writing this sitting in a jeep-shaped bed. I was given the choice between a child’s car shaped bed or a regular bed and this is what I have decided. 228 more words


What I've Been Doing: Adventure Always.

Recently I have been taking any opportunity to travel wherever I can, whenever I can.

So far this has resulted in a trip to the Blueridge with my sister, climbing up any trail we could find. 513 more words


the view from Sunday: or, please make it rain already

The heat is on. It is miserably hot and humid in my apartment; I actually went out for a drive so I could cool down (when your car is cooler than your home, you know you’re in trouble). 121 more words


Busy Busy Busy

Dear Reader

I have been away from the blog for several weeks. I know – shameful, but in my defense I’ve been extremely busy.

Not only have I been editing for several clients, I have been writing exams. 90 more words


Women's work #IWD2016

I don’t work for free, that’s a firm rule. ┬áBut when Helen asked me to help with making a series of podcasts with women in tech for International Women’s Day, I said yes without hesitation. 113 more words

What I've Been Doing

Audioblog 160220 - Why So Serious?


Download 5.7MB

I recorded this on Waterloo Station shortly after the Devoted & Disgruntled Vaults Festival Open Space on Saturday. The space was opened to discuss “Let’s stop romanticising depression and marginalising other mental illness” and I called a session called “Why So Serious?” about the issue of taking oneself too seriously, dealing with other people’s expectations, the link between adopting a serious persona and depression or burn-out. 44 more words

What I've Been Doing

What's been going on?!


I haven’t written a blog post in a couple of weeks, mainly because there’s been nothing to write about. I’ve kind of been hiding away from life, and instead battling through university work and killing my gym workouts. 895 more words