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What I've Learned Reading KendraBlogs Blog Post.

Hey, my loved ones.

IF you’re new on my blog, I’m Shabria and thank you so much for stopping by. And if you’re my day one reader, thank you for your support and reading another blog post. 521 more words


Intern Help Guide Week 1 💪🏽 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Internship

This new series on my blog is going to share some helpful insights into making the most out of your internship experience. Internships are an amazing opportunity for you to get real-world, hands-on experience in the area you’re studying or interested to study. 1,043 more words


What I've Learned From: Developing My Brand

In no means do I have an influence but I have worked hard in developing consistent content for you all and from that, I have gotten really awesome feedback from you guys saying that you connect with my stuff which makes me SO happy because that’s the whole point. 1,133 more words


What I've Learned From: March

If you’ve noticed or haven’t noticed, I have been absent on the content this past week. It has been a very crazy, eye opening month so far and I am in a place now where I think I can face what March has taught me. 974 more words


What I've Learned From: Slowing Down

If you haven’t noticed, I have been MIA on my blog for the past week and I wanted to get on here to explain why, what I’ve learned, and what you can do if you feel like you need to take a second to stop and slow down. 931 more words


What I've Learned From: Being Cheated On ☕

Sadly, I know a lot of people who have gone through this so these lessons aren’t just my own. These are lessons that I’ve learned from people that have gone through the same emotions that I have. 1,328 more words


What I've Learned From: Reclaiming My Space

My space is really important to me. What is in it, the energy, colors, textures, life, etc all matter because this is a place where I shed all of the day off and enter a zone of comfort, zen, and peace. 1,477 more words