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Dreams. (Part one)

I slammed the door shut, hoping to impede the progress of my unknown pursuiter. I couldn’t quite see him very clearly because everything happened in a flash of the eye and all I knew was that this ominous dark figure was on my tails through this seemingly impossible yet familiar maze. 517 more words

What JUST Happened

Not Dead. Yet.

Yea. Surprise.

That’s totally how you welcome the new year and the audience watching this space, which should have been updated for the past year as in 2015. 513 more words

What JUST Happened

May; or Making Friends Isn't Easy, Especially From Scratch

Hello and Hallo-welcome to another edition of Frankenstein Friday, where grave robbing is not just a hobby, it’s a calling. You join your bloggers, Andy and Lilly, as they thread their needles in preparation for a different kind of cross-stitch project. 1,075 more words

We laugh but it's true

So I thought instead of keeping all the ‘lol’ slash ‘face palm’ moments to myself, I’d share some! Here are some of my experiences and musings from our baby journey so far…legit. 385 more words


I'm An Introvert And I Hate It When Salesmen Knock On My Front Door

Through the years, I have developed a long standing record of odd encounters with door-to-door salespeople. As your average to extreme introvert, it is inherently uncomfortable to me that someone could just walk up to my door and expect me to talk to them at any given moment. 1,288 more words

What Just Happened?

O Christ, who sent the Twelve

On roads they’d never trod

To serve, to suffer, teach, proclaim

The nearer reign of God

Send us on ways where faith…

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