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642 Things to Write About - #23

A light in your backyard gets brighter and brighter, until… Flash! Flash! Flash! What causes these flashes? Where are you, and how do they affect you? 852 more words


Okay. I m so very proud of my daughter, in every way. She has this uniqueness, this awesomeness in which she is VERY aware that she isn’t quite like the other kids. 498 more words


Just about everyone is wrestling with a feeling not unlike being slapped in the face repeatedly with something wet, unpleasant, and fishy just now – as another, probably shocking, news event screams for our attention before the full facts of the previous attack / coup / natural disaster / international incident fade away. 229 more words


Brexit debunked

In case like me you’re a little confused what’s going on with the whole leaving-not-leaving thing, maybe Simon’s Cat can help clarify matters with one little gif: 17 more words

What Just Happened?

By Jenny, David Archuleta's Fan By Accident

credit: Manny Quintero

He embodied everything that I felt I was missing or have lost: youth, beauty, vitality, charm, talent, genuineness, quiet confidence.

His beautiful singing enveloped the whole amphitheater surrounded by red rocks in the cold November evening. 547 more words

David Archuleta

Worst Mom Ever

Did you know I’m the worst mom ever? I totally am! My six-year-old says so, so it’s got to be true. You see, its not the big things that matter. 453 more words

I Might Die.

I bought a zumba workout.

No big deal, I know. Let me explain a bit better. bought a ZUMBA workout…

I love dancing. and I love fun. 286 more words