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Solar Eclipse Jinx Anyone?

So as you all know that yesterday the sun and moon did the famous eclipse and it was blinding of course… but did anyone have bad luck or “the jinx”? 212 more words

Book Discussion

Apparently you CAN read my diary...

Welcome to my brain drain. For all the crap that leaves me laying sleepless in bed at night & early into the morning. Wishful of duermas dulces, & for a reality just as sweet. 83 more words


Um, What?

At 9:09 PST, President Donald Trump sent the following tweet:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

As of 11:40 PM, it is still up. The only thing I can think of to ask in a time like this is…what? 42 more words

There's a time machine in my room!

After a long day of work, I walked into my room to get some ‘me’ time. But, as soon as I opened the door, I jumped. 797 more words

What Just Happened?

Paint In The Shade Of Who Knew

Who knew that choosing a paint color would be so hard? Who knew there was upwards of a million shades of white? When did white stop being white and become “cold white” or “first snow white” or “pure white”? 637 more words

Whims And Wonders

David Archuleta ~ Instagram Story ~ Hair Cut Time!

credit David Archuleta IG Story (screencap by djafan)

video credit: @DavidUniverse

credit David Archuleta’s IG Story (created by djafan)

credit collage by madeline

David Archuleta

What Just Happened?

Where does sorrow come from and where does it all hide?

You can only drink so much, eat so much. And yet sorrow
comes and comes, and it flows and flows, as if from an… 384 more words

A Broken Blue Sky