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Fly far away

We were all kids. Kids who used to love containers with water. Water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Holding the cap by our lips and giving our gentlest but powerful blow. 131 more words

What Life Brings

A million and one

I used to believe and I still do believe that the spherical Earth is composed of a certain number of beings.

I have only come to realize that for every life that is brought upon the crest of the Earth and for every last breath we witness from a man, there would never be a second that this number can be divided by an even number. 33 more words

What Life Brings

Rooftop view

When clouds are gray,

you whisper to yourself

“It’s going to rain soon”

but gray as they are,

and gray as they stay,

not a drop of evidence say they were ever there.

What Life Brings

Dolphins are pretty.

I’ve been through a point where

my mind swarms with the mystery of the Earth, with the plenty secrets it keeps, and with the open thought of what I could ever do to unfold them… 231 more words

What Life Brings

The absence of sense

I’ve always, always, lingered on the thought of what may come.

Of what might have been.

Of what can be.

I’ve sometimes felt the emotions from the words of blank spaces. 43 more words

What Life Brings

Ice and water

It’s stronger when it feels dying.

It’s strength comes first externally, then forms at the center- at the heart.

It freezes. Almost completely.

But it never really does. 60 more words

What Life Brings

The 2014 Starbucks planner

Once upon a time, you know you are living a new life. You are in a path you chose. And most importantly, you are happy. 125 more words

What Life Brings