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Yellow Light


Keep your eyes on the beam of light,
Focus on the speed you hold.


Don’t look back they said,
Just keep running or you’ll never make it. 146 more words

What Life Brings

Masking Tape

Once you close the bathroom door

And settle on the toilet seat,
Hear the click of the knob
And the running water
You know you’re in trouble… 93 more words

What Life Brings

Untangling the chord

Feel unsure. Feel secure. Feel unconscious.
Be a child.
Lost in your usual road.

Close your eyes, clear your mind, ease your mood.
Forget your burdens, light your match of hope, break the surface of the water. 145 more words

What Life Brings

Dried Ink

The white room melts into dark black crude oil,

Powered rainbow painted on the mirror;

Drainage sucking all the tears and sadness,

To that small dark hateful corner… 66 more words

What Life Brings