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The 'One lovely blog award' times 2..

I am so so grateful to have received 2 of these awards from the lovely Gentle Kindness and  Finding my way home 

Both of these bloggers are inspirational writers and I have found their blog posts very helpful. 320 more words

These at a few of my favourite things....


To lighten this gloomy January afternoon, I thought I would write a post describing the things that make me happy!

So here we go…. 385 more words

DAY 20 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge

what makes me happy

The present ,the future just about anything makes me happy.

Watching my son walk from one point of the house to the other makes me happy, actually it makes me burst with joy.Something they said he would never do he now does with Hamilton Speed all over.He has been walking for well over 3 years now and I can still sit and watch him walk and I’m in awe. 343 more words

30 Day Blogging Challenge

The little things..

A mug of Jasmine tea, a cuddle and a blanket..These 3 things can always make an uncomfortable day a little more bearable for me..

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make us happy.. 131 more words


Love clementines

These are the second box of clementines this week. Just finished the first one. Love the orange color and sweet taste! It’s just so right!

What Makes Me Happy

Black Friday shopping 

Just got a package from Zoya!

This fall I fell in love with mauve-ish colors and pink. You can see this selection is pretty biased! Madeline and Aubrey, which take the center, are my current favoirites.

What Makes Me Happy

Morning workout

makes me happy. It feels the brain sweats too, pressing out my fears, worries, and unhealthy emotions!

First I play YouTube videos—Rebecca’s leg work out and Tiffany’s core and hip work out. 19 more words

What Makes Me Happy