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Happy Moments

Do you notice how some people always seem to be Happy and others always seem to be unHappy? And do you notice how this doesn’t necessarily depend on their life circumstances? 1,107 more words

A new beginning

Our world is so noisy – full of disappointments, expectations and broken dreams. But it´s still possible to find beauty every day, even though it might be difficult to find sometimes. 57 more words


Prompt 55

“Write a list of things that makes you angry happy”

So I modified today’s prompt a bit… I wasn’t quite in the mood to go on a rant about the things that make me angry. 74 more words

Writing Prompts

Oh, I Do Love To Live Beside the Seaside

Check out those panoramas with my darling sister Lara!

I love an evening at the beach, throwing the ball for the dogs, playing with a Nerf and running around. 66 more words


Pampering on a Sunday

We probably all get that Sunday feeling, unfortunately I get it every day at the moment. In a bid to do something that makes me happy every day I chose to pamper myself a bit today. 313 more words



I got back to university yesterday, and I am all unpacked. I find the process of packing up to leave quite stressful, and the journey with all my accumulated life-stuff even more so, but unpacking again, unfurling all my books and clothes and trinkets into my room, my space that has been cleared out, is a really grounding and therapeutic experience at the beginning of every term. 935 more words


I think about waking up happy.

Perfectly wrapped up but a little too warm, if I’m honest.

Rubbing my cheek into my pillow, my blanket, my partner, whatever, whoever might be there, as I slide one leg out from under the cover into the cool of the mid-morning room. 726 more words