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Happiness - Eat fresh fruit

When I joined a gym, my trainer asked me what I eat for breakfast. With great confidence I blurted out – fresh yogurt and strawberries ad blueberries. 286 more words

Happiness - the 'raison d'etre'

Happiness – isn’t that the real pursuit. Our whole lives, we do thingsĀ anticipating that they would eventually, lead us to happiness.

You marry thinking it will make you happy. 280 more words

Did you ever wonder what you really want in life?

I have been asking myself the same question again and again for so many years. What is my goal? What is my dream? What I am passionate about? 2,361 more words

Don't Worry Be Happy

What Makes Me Happy.

Today is international day of happiness so I thought that I would take some time to think of and write down a list of things that make me happy. 312 more words


Writing Challenge

I’m going to start writing three posts a week: Mondays are dedicated to my planner posts, Wednesdays will be this writing challenge, and when it’s completed, something else, and Thursdays will be a life post – something about what’s going on, or what I’m doing, or something that intrigued me in life. 1,124 more words


Butterfly, please donā€™t fly away.

I’ll hold you close to me, don’t move, don’t make a noise.

Just please let me stay here with you, my butterfly.

The sun looks so much brighter here with you, butterfly. 74 more words


This blog has become something more for me than for anyone else. I guess most blogs are for the author, a way to get our thoughts down and documented. 629 more words