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10 Things That Make Me Happy

    1. My family

    I love my family. No matter how much I say I dislike them at the moment, I know they love me and I hope they love me.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 01

Day 01: 10 Things that make you happy. 

Hey there!

These are the things that make me happy and keep my soul content.

  1. My Family: I love my family, we are so close!
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30 Day Blog Challenge

100 things that make me happy

I’ve forgotten where I originally saw it, but it was somewhere in the last quarter of the year 2016.  Since then, I decided to write one as well. 443 more words


30 Things That Make Me Happy

There comes a time in every single one of our lives when you get home from a hectic day in the office and feel generally rubbish. 302 more words


My favorite things: nature

As far back as I can remember I have been curious about nature, both flora and fauna.

Behind our little house in South Miami, when I was in junior high, I had a container garden. 509 more words


What makes me truly happy

This list also serves as a self-reminder on what I need/can do when I’m feeling down:

1) Exercise

2) Being indoors during rainy weather while drinking hot green tea (so specific) 114 more words


What makes me happy

Recently i’ve been really struggling with my mental health and i’ve made the decision to register with a doctor nearby and ask to get referred to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis (i suspect i have Borderline Personality Disorder). 324 more words