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Why body image doesn't actually matter

There has been a lot in the media lately about body image. Well, mostly about body  shaming; there have ALWAYS been articles about what we should be striving to look like, and as you all know because I am on a bit of an image change at the moment, it has caught my attention. 998 more words

One Direction @ Millennium Stadium - Cardiff

As the lights dim in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, ear-splitting screams erupt from the thousands of dedicated fans here to see the world’s biggest pop band: One Direction. 391 more words


Or maybe (just to please a certain reader of mine, who has already grown VERY tired with “Life is a Highway”) this will be the song of the day. 111 more words


What Makes You Beautiful in E major fake sheet version

Yes, I know, I know, majority of us like to sing K, and of course you can sing along with guitar and piano accompaniment,  AKA unplugged, but what is the matter for all these Karaoke tracks? 77 more words

Free Sheet Music