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Cold Night, Warm Fire, Hot Encounter

There was a time when the weather was a lot colder.  We went up to Baguio and stayed there for a few days.  On this particular day, the temperature was so low that we had to use the fireplace.  685 more words

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How To Get The Guy You Want

Relationships between men and women are a complete mystery, waiting to be demystified and unraveled like the Pandora box. Being human, we are non-static creatures swayed by our emotions, beliefs, values and the perspectives of people who are important to us. 665 more words

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Are You Scared Of Being Single Forever?

Love matters of the heart are getting too complicated worldwide. Coupled with the gender imbalance in population growth and the growing expectations intelligent women exact in their relentless search for… 203 more words

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Are You Scaring Men Away?


Men are well known for their meticulousness in cherry-picking women they fancy as a future mate; their egos swell with pride whenever the people around them compliment them for their immaculate taste in ladies. 840 more words

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5 Easy Secrets to Be A Slut For Your Special Someone

I’ve been called a slut and whore and all those nasty words that may drive someone really mad.  But the truth is, there is a slut and a whore in all of us.   780 more words

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13 Men On That One Little Thing A Woman Does That Always Impresses Them

1. “I’m impressed by any woman who can get me with a comeback so good I have absolutely nothing to say in return.” —Tom, 26… 345 more words