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What Men Want (Valentines Edition)

If you think women are confusing you don’t understand the real problem. Men!


Men sometimes have a problem communicating the things they really want. They may tell you it’s a new TV or another expensive gift, but what they really want is you. 510 more words

This Is My Life

How you know she's the one:

There’s this article written by several counselors and therapists, they have studied relationships for decades, this list narrowed down what men want most in a woman. 1,388 more words

13 Men Share The Little Things They Do When They're Really Serious About You (That You Probably Don't Notice)

1. “I’ll hold her hand on the third or fourth date if I think she’s a keeper. Even if we’ve already slept together at that point, hand holding is serious, it’s intimate, it’s like, ‘Hey I want this to be the only hand you hold, no one else’s, just mine.'” … 507 more words

What Men Want-Hardcore

Most readers look for grammar in writings.  They enjoy the complexities of the English language and thrive on the fact that readers will pick up a dictionary just to understand the write-up or article. 410 more words

13 Men Talk About Why They Didn’t Take Their Almost Relationship To The Next Level (And What They’re Looking For Instead)

1. “She didn’t seem like the type of girl who wanted something serious. She’d go out every weekend, get wasted to the point of ending the night with her head in a toilet, and a relationship just seemed way out of reach. 709 more words

A Must Watch - The Single Most Important Thing to a Man


That’s the reaction I had after I finished watching this amazing new video …

The Single Most Important Thing to a Man‘ (link) 251 more words


What men want 

In my yearning to learn and grow and understand how the world works, my role in it, and how my desires might be better fueled with this enlightenment, I’ve been passionately expanding my breath of knowledge about how relationships between men and women work best. 622 more words