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Unintended Consequences

Today I made the usual traditional Christmas cake for my partner, just as I have done for two decades. A few weeks ago I spent the day making a large batch of Christmas puddings and steaming up the whole of the house. 555 more words

The Lack of Matching Lingerie

Today I have been reflecting on how, what I have found, may give hope to others. It may demonstrate that, despite society’s expectations and media pressures, being who you are, as a woman, can mean that you can attract someone to love you. 847 more words

Relationship Tips: 10 Traits Men Want In Their Wife-To-Be

​Every man has different tastes and preferences but when it comes to choosing a woman to marry; there are some similar traits.

If you want to win the right man’s heart, you need to know what it is that makes him go from just feeling casual about dating you to wanting and needing you on a deeper level. 346 more words


Sensual Ecstasy~Sight

See, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

All five senses should be fully engaged during sex and throughout the day. Some of you may experience one or a few of these, but you must learn to incorporate all five as much as is possible. 1,120 more words


The Difference Between Sex and Love For Men

As a psychotherapist who specializes in emotions, and as a woman with my own personal history of serial monogamy, I have come to realize that some men channel their need for love, intimacy, soothing, care, and comfort into sexual desire. 777 more words

Why Men Look For Sex And Find Love (But Women Look For Love And Find Sex)

Hi Evan,

I’ve been online dating for a while now, and I’ve started to notice a trend with a lot of the men who have contacted me. 1,225 more words

What Men Want

If you have to try to impress men, please realize that whatever you’re thinking impresses them probably, well, ain’t it. If you think that flawlessly applying eyeliner is going to make a guy magically look past your grating personality, your mind-numbing stupidity, and your almost unbelievable level of insecurity, guess again. 444 more words