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Tip of the Day 5-25-15

While I can’t speak for all men, I believe it is safe to say that most men desire someone with characteristics that remind them of their mother (grandmother/other caregivers in some cases). 157 more words

My First Girlfriend

My First Girlfriend 

There were two really enjoyable activities in Kindergarten. One was ‘Show and Tell’ and the other one was ‘Share Your Snacks.’

Show and Tell is an infantile way for children to begin socializing by sharing their innermost thoughts and secrets. 691 more words


in the cards

see what’s in the cards for you
your knight gallops his way here
says he’ll be your truest true
promises not too much beer

romance headed right your way… 133 more words


The Things That Men Actually Want in a Woman

I was going to do something for Valentine’s Day, but the timing wasn’t right.  Plus, it’s such a cheesy day to write something about romance.  Instead, I’ve got something for you now, a week later.   1,210 more words


What Women Don't Get

Ok, this post is a bit different from the rest but I hope you all will play along. There’s always such great commentary here, this post is inviting the reader to school the author(ess) and her female readers on the unfulfilled needs and wants of men. 223 more words

Red Pill

Is he or she worth it? Dating explored.

I have been asked sometimes when is it time to call it quits in some relationships? Is the time you’re investing going to reap any rewards? 92 more words


The right amount of ugly

Everything I write, is a reflection on myself. Not necessarily about someone else.

This thought has ignited because I’ve had eight veneers done on my upper teeth. 186 more words