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Men Tell All About The Women They've Hurt And If They Regretted It Or Not

By: Kindall D.

Wouldn’t you like to enter a man’s mind and find out if he enjoys hurting women or not? Well, a few men of  1,312 more words


How to attract a man? Make the first move

As a man, the idea that a guy should always make the first move strikes me as a relic from a time no longer relevant. Some girls prefer guys to make the first move because it fits in with the pre-planned love story they have in their head. 438 more words


11 Single Millennial Men Explain What Love Means To Them In The World Of Modern Dating

1. “I’ve never been in love, but I sure as hell one day hope to be, and I think a lot of millennial men feel the same. 599 more words

What women want? Stupid question

What women want? This is the most stupid question that I have heard. First of all, there are billions of women on planet. Do you really think that every one of them is the same? 58 more words

8 Things He Wishes You’d Do More Often That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

1. Listen to him

Men are adult children. They ask a lot of questions, always want to know ‘Why’ and barely learn the answers. You may find it nerve wrecking sometimes to deal with another person’s mambo jumbo monologue and existential tantrums. 330 more words

I almost changed who I am in a desperate attempt to get a good man.

After so many failed relationships and “situationships” I felt like only immature boys were attracted to me. I would research articles online about what real men looked for in a woman as if I could fake who I was just to fit into what men supposedly wanted. 505 more words


Searching for love in all the wrong places

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and meet up with the guy I’d been in touch with (Curvaceous Issues Guy – CiG). He phoned me again Sunday night and this time the call went on for three hours – again mostly with him talking non-stop. 1,329 more words