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A charming Hungarian once told me that men and women grow more alike as they get old. I was in therapy with him at the time and the transference was positive, so I never thought to question him. 365 more words

Getting Old

Can I get yo number?? 

OK ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to read this one if you don’t want to but, I’m starting to run out of things and this idea just came to me today. 798 more words

What Men and Women Really Want in Mates

Life in the Boomer Lane has just had a visit from Only Daughter and Beloved Grandsons, aged four and six.  After they left, LBL spent a lot of time searching for tiny lost toy pieces and brain cells that had rolled under furniture and gotten stuck in random crevasses during the visit. 603 more words


10 Things Men (should) Look For In A Woman Besides Beauty

by Emmanuel Albarka

Every man likes a good looking lady. When you introduce your wife to people you don’t want them to ask “was it an arranged marriage?”or “did you lose a bet?” Every man wants his woman to be immaculate, stunning, eye-popping, gorgeous but that is only a part of the equation.  1,000 more words


How to tell if a guy is just using you for sex

Sadly, some men are brilliant at the art of sweet talk,fake affection and false promises of devotion to you, in order to get into your pants or get something else out of you. 1,040 more words

Tip of the Day 5-25-15

While I can’t speak for all men, I believe it is safe to say that most men desire someone with characteristics that remind them of their mother (grandmother/other caregivers in some cases). 157 more words

My First Girlfriend

My First Girlfriend 

There were two really enjoyable activities in Kindergarten. One was ‘Show and Tell’ and the other one was ‘Share Your Snacks.’

Show and Tell is an infantile way for children to begin socializing by sharing their innermost thoughts and secrets. 691 more words