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Acs 16:25-31

Verses 28-31: “But Paul called with a loud voice, saying, “Do yourself no harm, for we are all here.” Then he called for a light, ran in, and fell down trembling before Paul and Silas. 416 more words

Calling on the Name of the Lord

What does it mean to “call on the name of the Lord?” Denominationalism is flooded with institutions and individuals that proclaim this means to approach Christ in prayer, asking Him to forgive one’s sins and come into one’s heart for the purpose of being his “personal Savior.” Usually, Romans 10:13 is quoted as a proof text for this teaching: “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Bear in mind that the phrase is found elsewhere in the Bible and to more easily understand its meaning in Romans, one might consider how it’s used in some of those other places as well. 242 more words