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I don’t know how many of you writerly types out there suffer from insomnia – but I do. It’s currently 1.40am and my feet are too hot to sleep. 175 more words


Going Blond!

I’m a brunette that, for some random lapse in judgement, say a blond moment, decided to bleach my gorgeous brunette hair, blond. Good decision? Yes and No. 719 more words

How to fail at communication: song and dance

Some things benefit from the addition of music and dance.

Corporate, professional communication… not one of them!

I suspect Siemens will survive this naff folie de grandeur.

80 more words

Stay Away: 4 Cringeworthy Proposal Ideas

Honesty goes a long way and sometimes we need to hear it. If these ideas are high on your list, scratch them off quick. It’s not worth it. 678 more words


Why Group Interviews Are Challenging

Job interviews can be challenging anyway, but group interviews have added elements of complexity in the form of multiple interviewers and/or candidates. It’s more complex in my experience because you have to effectively connect with and present yourself in a way that is effective for multiple personalities and communication styles. 423 more words

Standing Out

Dating Tips - What Not to Do

It’s pretty common for single women to receive endless dating tips and advice from friends but rarely does anyone describe what NOT to do. Therefore, here are my top ten dating tips for what NOT do on a first date. 263 more words

Dating Tips

winter is here

Today Badger is sitting, drinking hot chocolate with Marsmallow with a blanket draped over his shoulders, the heater is on, my aircon blowing warm air. Jip, you guessed right, it is winter. 175 more words