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What NOT to do when Gardening

Okay. So this post is about, you read it, what NOT to do when gardening.

I’ve talked to quite a few farmers/gardeners now, and it seems we are all learning together. 1,095 more words

Gardening With Sara


by Doha Hashim Khalifa

Don’t put your faith into the hands of one of his creations
Don’t hesitate to wave off the white flag in defeat… 422 more words


8 Tips to Keep in Mind Between Your Mortgage Approval and Funding Dates

In light of the new market realities and tightening of credit underwriting standards by both lenders and mortgage default insurers as of late, it’s important to keep in mind that now – more than ever – you have to be careful what you do between the time your mortgage is approved and the time your mortgage funds. 412 more words

Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Canadas debt crisis!

Is a direct resualt of greed wanting and materialism i may be late on my phone bill most of the time but hey atleast i aint in debt like these loosers that think going 500k in the hole is getting ahead! 188 more words


Words to Avoid: Their absence will make your writing shine.

Writing is tricky. Trying to express your meaning clearly can be hard enough, but also making it engaging can be quite the balancing act. As a writer, I’m still working on it, but as an editor, ill-considered or lazy writing jumps off the page at me like a facehugger from… 1,484 more words


Comfort Eating

First and foremost ‘comfort eating’ works about as good as draining buckwheat through a drainer that’s too big for it…it doesn’t!
Eating crap to help ‘comfort’ the mood may take your mind off your troubles in the first instance but it sure as shit doesn’t help them. 331 more words


Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Abuse

Here are seven things that modern medicine agrees are hazardous to your health–with ancient wisdom from the Bible to support the evidence.

1. Worrying. Living in constant fear of things going “wrong” leads the brain to believe that things… 786 more words