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I am a devout follower of the Chruch of Wine Folly ever since my vindoctrination began. Madeline Puckette is just the most adorable and informative person on the planet and teaches you about wine in a way that you understand (meaning she does not speak “wine snob” but approaches it like your best friend. 91 more words


The Taxman

I’m getting back a $9,000 tax refund. Woo hoo — right? Wrong.

The taxman got to use $9,000 of my money last year costing me about $1,400 that I could have avoided in interest charges on credit card debt. 124 more words

What Not To Do

Back Problems. :(

This whole week my back has just not been doing so great.

I’m 23 and I’m already have lower back problems. Whaaaat? :(

Is this common? 277 more words

Barn Business Basics 101

Okay, let me get something off my chest: the horse world LACKS professionalism. This doesn’t mean it is not out there, but a lot of boarding barns, sales agreements and people lack this basic skill. 1,158 more words


Kenya: What Not to Do

I’ve posted a lot about what we’ve done, and the thing we enjoyed and would recommend to others; however, it hasn’t all been completely smooth sailing. 1,726 more words


Bad Ideas: Chengdu-Style

Since arriving here, I have awoken each morning with so much excitement to explore this amazing city. Chengdu has beautiful architecture, varied restaurants and shops, and a million and one other activities to enjoy. 874 more words

Stop Repeating Yourself - SPI Files

So, we finally get to the  SPI Files novels. The series includes “Lucky Charms” (a short in the Night Shift anthology), The Grendel Affair, The Dragon Conspiracy, The Brimstone Deception, The Ghoul Vendetta… 1,529 more words