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Tips on re-feeding protocols

Will my body go into shock when I eat again, after an extended water fast?

  • Not if you have followed the correct protocols.
  • If you are adding salt to your daily water in take it will keep the stomach prepared for digestion and the shock to consuming food again will be significantly reduced.
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Resist the temptation to 'save' anyone else!

Here’s the thing…… No one wants to hear about your next fad experiment or your new diet! And they definitely don’t want to be pressurized into joining you on your new ‘radical’ health experiment. 181 more words

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What should you eat after doing an extended fast?

When your body comes out of an extended fast it has essentially been in a form of ‘starvation’ mode. Not in the sense that it has been starving but more in the sense that it has had to tap into it’s own fat stores to sustain the body and as such it will now be in high alert and will be looking to store some fat in case a ‘famine’ should come again. 478 more words

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Do you have a sugar-burning body?

If your response to the thought of an extended water fast is “Oh, no, I could never do a water fast! I need to eat at least every few hours or I get the shakes or feel sick!” 271 more words

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What have I learnt from doing Hard Dry fasts?

My experience doing a Dry Fast

  • The longest¬†‘Hard’ Dry fast that I have done is 3 days. In fact I’m am doing another one, right now ;-)
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Can I still go to work if I am doing an extended water fast?

Here are some things to consider when deciding if you can do an extended water fast, whilst working.

Suitability assessment questions

Q| Do you have extra fat stores on your body… 290 more words

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What ingredients do I need to start an extended Water Fast?

I offer the following resources simply as quick links of supplements that were helpful to me. I will explain in a different post how I used some of these products.   480 more words

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