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10 Words & Phrases You Should Live Without

We are all guilty of using warn out and unnecessary words in our writing. Common words and clichés can be go-to’s in our speech and in our writing, because they are familiar and pop into our sentences when we are either feeling insecure about what we’re trying to say or because they’re such a large part of our society’s word bank that we use them without even noticing. 672 more words

What Not To Do While Using A Ouija Board

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while using a Ouija board.

1. Never let the planchette go off the board… Seriously never let it. 188 more words


What Not To Do

What not to do Volume 04

Life lessons from a loser. I am the worst person for advice. A bad example. Completely flawed. Bad influence. Inappropriate. 123 more words

4 Cringe-worthy Makeup Trends of 2016 | The Hall of Beauty

2016 is finally over and we never wanna talk about it again. First, this year went by incredibly fast. I blinked my eyes and *poof* we’re in 2017. 501 more words


3 Things you shouldn't say to a divorcee...

Disclaimer: Opinions ahead!  Prepare to be offended.

Note: These points mainly apply to you if 1. you are just finding out about the divorce or 2. 981 more words

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Story Time with Jeremy: My Worst Spontaneous Adventure

We all make some pretty bad mistakes in life.  This is how people learn from those mistakes and grow as individuals.

This is the story about my worst adventure and the mistakes that can be read in my previous blog post about what not to while on an adventure.  400 more words

Story Time With Jeremy

What not to do on an Adventure

This list can be used to prevent making the following mistakes in the future.  I have learned most of these mistakes the hard way.

1. Not telling anyone where you are going. 212 more words