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The perils of organisation. Or, packing mistakes: the sequel.

So, in what seems like no time at all, and at the same time, an endless age since we first start planning this trip, the eve of our adventure is upon us. 414 more words


What-Not-To-Do Wednesday - Is this Poker or Is this Dating?

Today’s what-not-to-do is something I learned in high school.

A boy was going to get his girlfriend a present for her birthday, and he was discussing some options. 347 more words

What-Not-To-Do Wednesdays

What to do or what not no do

It is a great dilemma of our life is to decide what to do or what not to do. Whenever  it comes to take a decision, we use to be confused,and Confusion leads us to misjudge the situation.Every body have their own dreams; Few among’s  us use to live with their dreams but majority from us use to adjust with their dreams. 193 more words

My Daily Post.

Spamming v's network marketing

Ive worked in network marketing / party plan for over 12 years now and I understand that people in networking marketing have to advertise to grow their business. 205 more words

The Dos & Don'ts of Summer Camp Life

Once you get to summer camp you will quickly discover there are certain things that, as a camp counselor, it is 100% required that you do, and a few other things that you should definitely stay away from doing, not only for the benefit of the kids and their experience, but also for your own sanity and experience and that of the people around you too! 486 more words

Camp Tips & Advice

What not to do on a date

I have been on a fair few dates in my time: some good, some bad. In no way am I saying that I know what to do as I may have found Mr. 2,758 more words


Why Sockpuppets Won't Make You Look Cool

Your organization has a blog, a Twitter account, and a presence on FacebookLinkedIn and Google+. You’re a team of one in charge of using all of these platforms to get the word out about the great things your organization does. 497 more words

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