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Call me Gary Stu - The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper books

A few weeks ago I quit a series in disgust. It started out OK but rapidly devolved into something actively painful to read. The final book I read (#6) was so bad I literally yelled at my e-reader on the train. 1,213 more words

X-ray Readings

Transport Faux Pas

Travelling from Dubrovnik to Athens… my favourite part of the trip to re-tell. Not because it was enjoyable or beautiful, but because it still makes me laugh to think that nothing else could possibly have gone wrong! 1,937 more words


انٹرنیٹ کی دنیا اور معتدل رویہ

ہر کام کے تعلق سے لوگوں نے ہمیشہ کئی رویے اختیار کیے.. اہلِ علم و فہم معتدل مزاج والے نظریے پہ چلتے رہے اور لوگوں کا بڑا طبقہ افراط کا شکار ہوا اور دوسرا تفریط کا..

Rights & Duties

Slow Cooker Baking - Rosemary Bread

Today is my day off and I’ve been thinking I’d like to bake some breads. Our new neighbors have given us flowers, cookies and fresh eggs but I’ve yet to give them anything so a bread would be nice when returning their dishes. 1,042 more words


Why I don't use lesson horses

We’ve all seen them.  Horses that people take “riding lessons” on.  So often, these horses look unhappy and have health issues related to taxiing people around to the calls of “heels down” and “get his head into the right position”,  I’ve seen many of these horses go inside themselves to survive the hours of thumping incompetence they must deal with.   119 more words

Get a 9-5 You Hate

Girlboss. Season 1, Episode 2, 21:30. “Things are supposed to get better. But there’s really no guarantee that that’s true. For tons of people, their lives just get worse…and worse… and then that’s just it. 292 more words

What Not To Do

CONFESSIONS: of a single twenty-something

‘You can’t compare everyone to your ex’ – words a friend said to me after I told him I was ending things with a guy I had dated for a week.   548 more words

Where I Am