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Your thoughts on tattoos?

Guess what, no one cares!

If someone chooses to get one tattoo or fifty tattoos it is their choice. I know it may look a little strange to someone who is not used to them but that doesn’t mean you need to stare at them until your eyes start watering. 204 more words

5 things not to do for your first digs movie night

By Roxanne Daniels

Last night was the first time I had invited people to my new home to enjoy watching The Sound of Music together. We all packed into the lounge, laughed, shouted and then finally decided to watch the 3-hour-long musical. 507 more words

Digs Movie Night

I got lobster-fried, now what?

Today was a beautiful day outside. It was sunny, warm, and perfect for laying out all day to soak up some rays.

Except I fell asleep and now I’m peeling and literally the color of a lobster. 254 more words


No Popping Zone

I know how frustrating it is to have persistent acne, and I especially know the pain of getting a particularly nasty one in the center of your face that looks like it’s just angry and staring at you. 218 more words


Facing the #Truth

Other than genetics, there may be outside factors that could be making your acne worse!!

Here are some of the common ones:

1. Dirty pillowcases and sheets. 193 more words


The System.

You do not understand my system. It’s a big enough system that it needs it own blog post.

So I always start like a month in advance with making lists, looking up lists, and cutting down lists. 355 more words

Social Media and Crisis: 6 Things You Should Do, 2 You Shouldn't

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

I jabbed a man in the eye with a flash drive once for saying that.

I prefer, “Do as I say, do as I do,” or, “Don’t do what I don’t do, don’t do what I don’t say.” (wait, what?) 666 more words

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