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Ten Things Not to Do on a First Date

There’s many pitfalls to getting through that first date. How do you make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself or cause your date to throw you through a plate glass window? 215 more words


Reading for writing: reflections on a recent read

I finished one of my latest reading-for-pleasure ventures recently, and it gave rise to some useful reading-for-writing introspection and analysis I thought might be interesting to share. 566 more words


OkCupid Men: The Best of the Worst (Part 1)

Less than four days after making an OkCupid account, I have over 200 messages in my inbox, and I don’t reply to more than 80% of them. 556 more words


Don't Want to Get the Job? Here Are Some of the Top Interview #FAILS

Being in the field that I am, I’m often asked by friends and family best practices and good things to do to prepare for an interview or while they’re in the interview. 1,697 more words


This Present Darkness: Chapter 14

So Marshall has decided he has to do what he’s been dreading – call that super hot and powerful professor who scares the ever-loving daylights out of him. 3,189 more words

This Present Darkness

Big Gay Etsy

It’s time for another long, droning post about ethics fascinating discussion of LGBTQ issues.  Actually, I had sort of a funny experience with an Etsy seller the other day and thought, as I often do, “hey, I should write about this!”  Because naturally, you all want to know what I’m thinking at any given moment in the day.   460 more words


Why the Jazz Age Lawn Party is Not the Bees Knees

Full disclosure: I paid $85 to go to the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, and it was not as cool as I expected. Actually, it was the epitome of everything I hate: lines, crowds, lies. 478 more words