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Student life 101: don't get dead

CONTENT WARNING: This post is a happy one, but it will reflect on topics that may be upsetting to some people. If topics such as… 869 more words


Tips for Travelling Alone

  • Reasons: Ask yourself – why do you want to travel alone? There could be multiple reasons for it like boredom, heartbreak, photography, writing, doing something different… Your reason should be justified in your eyes, especially if it is your first time.
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Travel And Tourism

18 types of blogs to avoid

I had the good fortune last week to gain a number of followers, partly because I wrote a post whining about how I lost a follower, but mostly because OM reblogged that post on his widely popular blog, … 1,459 more words


The Trap

With the first full workout, I figured it was time to get here regularly again. I mean it this time! And before spring training really swings into gear, I’m going to try and promise myself to not get suckered by Spring Training performance. 458 more words

Things Married Folks Don't Do

So from my last post, I think it is clear that I am nearing the end of my marriage. I am not one to vent to friends and family, and honestly no one knows accept for the wonderful people who read my blog. 437 more words

Black America From A Black American

Mistakes to avoid when investing in property

Every purchaser experiences some situations that they learn from and this can happen for first timers through to the most experienced property investors. So let’s dive right into ‘what… 667 more words


The day my husband saw wore red

Can you spot them?

Welcome to today’s edition of things not to do.  And I’m getting down and dirty with it.  It’s laundry talk, Ladies. For the record, that’s about as dirty as things will get around here so you can breathe easy. 661 more words

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