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The Art of Providing Comfort

The week after I finished Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, her husband died. This book held personal details of her loving marriage to her husband, Dave Goldberg and I was devastated for her. 496 more words

What not to do at a Pirates game

By: John Sargeson

Going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game is an experience like no other.  With baseball being my favorite sport, I’ve been to many in my lifetime.   518 more words


Customer Service

The past week there was a hoo-ha over Pink Apron Lab. In case you’ve missed it, you can hop over to this link and read all about it. 903 more words

Customer Service

The Unedited Truth Of What It Feels Like To Find Yourself Unexpectedly Reliving Your 20s

I’m lying on my bed that is lying on the floor that is taking up the majority of my 375 sq. foot apartment. Okay, apartment is not completely accurate. 1,643 more words

What to do after Easter?

The excitement is over. You ran around the house searching for the gifts that the bunny left behind (not those “gifts”). What’s left?

  1. Eat all of the candy.
  2. 68 more words

Marketing: How to lose friends and not influence people

Since it’s something we here at AO&R struggle with to varying degrees, the crew decided that this month’s topic should be marketing, so hang on to your seats … we’ll be talking about marketing mayhem all month! 639 more words

Writing Advice

How to make a mediocre podcast

It’s 2017, so if you don’t have a podcast by now you’re nothing. How do you expect to be relevant and employable in the 21st century if your personal brand has no voice? 675 more words