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On My Radar #2

Things that are happening on the internet, curated for you here, by me. Let’s get into it: 252 more words

What not to wear

When I was very young in the 1960s and lived with my parents and brother in a small Midlands town in the United Kingdom, I remember my mother announcing one day that a man had been arrested in the town for wearing women’s clothes. 924 more words

What Summer Trends to leave behind this Fall!

The changing of the seasons is approaching! And with the change, it’s time to stow away (and even toss or donate) these trends in favor of more fall appropriate ones. 160 more words


Just because "they" can wear it, doesn't mean you can...

If you’re expecting a ra-ra girl-power rant, you’re in the wrong place. I do believe we are all beautiful but I also believe we were all created unique and different. 374 more words

Crop Top


Style is often defined as being fashionable in the clothes you wear. A stylish person is described as fashionable,elegant and attractive.
True,but not always necessarily so. 525 more words


Wear Whatever You Want

Just after I turned 50 I read an article by Michelle Combs titled “What Not to Wear After 50”.  I was honestly just looking for fashion advice but I got some cold, hard truths that were much better than any tips I could have received about my clothing choices. 245 more words