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Wardrobe Building #101

Here’s a great piece of advice from one of my favorite stylists from one of my favorite shows. Denim is a neutral, it goes with everything, great to mix and match or to dress up or down.

Wardrobe Building


I feel like every time I write about fashion it’s a “wear this” or “buy this instead of that” (here, here, and… 375 more words

Freedom Comes in Many Fashions

I set this dress — my “Skinny Dress” — free today.

This is me three years ago, donning my Skinny Dress. She came into my life while I was shopping for a dress to wear to dinner on my birthday, on April Fool’s Day. 834 more words


“Don't Dress Like a Whore” and Other Things Your Mother Should've Taught You about Dressing for the Job 

I once got a fortune cookie message which said, “Common sense is not so common.” As I look at a plethora of resumes and professional pictures every day, I am continually reminded of this fortune cookie.  710 more words


Post #13 - Cultural Appropriation

We’re going to take a timeout from being depressed to talk about something that’s important.

Cultural Appropriation is the taking of things from a culture that is not your own. 328 more words

Random Thoughts

I Can't Wear What?

I read a blog post recently that made my head spin. I’m pretty much over it now, but I thought it deserved a rebuttal.  It’s titled… 728 more words

The Good Life

Spring/Summer Issue is here!

Get your copy today!


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