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Shows I've Loved That Need To Go

Television is a tough beast. Some shows have that special spark and instantly bring in millions of viewers. Some shows are lucky enough to have a long run and possibly surpassing the decade mark. 685 more words

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What Not To Wear

Remember the show?  Remember how the contestant (was that what she was called?) tried on all her clothes for  Stacy and Clinton to critique?

Well, we do a similar show, but it’s via text/email with my sister. 112 more words

Girls:What Not To Wear In 2016

You know fashion is not just about what fits u or what you love wearing.There are tops or jeans that we wear but doesn’t agree with us.Being fashionable is being able to make a statement with what you wear.Ive got some fashion pieces that were trending last year but you should not  try them on in the new year.Please take note of these and make appropriate corrections. 47 more words


What to wear when your bloated after Christmas!

Hey girls,

After Christmas we all are a little bloated which makes us feel so self conscious when we return to work or school trying to find an outfit which looks “okay.” 245 more words


The Drug Lord

Let me paint an image of this guy I met. He was tall, built (not to the degree of a professional body builder, but enough muscles to show that he was conscious of what he ate and that he exercises), shaved head, and blue eyes. 250 more words


The KOBI KOACHMAN GUIDE | 10 Things You Definitely Need To Stop Wearing After You Turn 30

It’s been happening for a long time now…at work, in the mall, in restaurants, at wedding events etc. however my experience yesterday evening at a birthday party organized by my 65 year old aunt had me thinking seriously about it. 1,508 more words


Accessories Challenge | 3 Ways to Dress-Up a Basic Outfit

Sometimes creating an outfit isn’t as simple as Stacy and Clinton made it look on What Not to Wear. When in a hurry, mixing patterns and matching silhouettes stresses a fashionista out to the max! 240 more words

Three Ways To Wear Thursday