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Legs looking longer!

hey girls,

As we stare in the mirror we think to ourselves why can’t I have long legs and obviously that’s the reason I don’t look good in jeans! 122 more words

DIY Beauty Products

FASHION - Be Autumn Ready

Hey girls,

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I went shopping yesterday and had a good search through loads of stores but didn’t really pick much up. 273 more words


What Not to Wear (as a 28-year-old)

I bought this t-shirt a few years ago that I found after hours of scouring Etsy. It has a cat on it, obviously, and it’s pretty great. 583 more words


Military Ball Do's & Don'ts: Dress Edition

‘Tis the season. As fall approaches, everyone in the military community knows what that means…


For those of us who didn’t go to prom or have a formal wedding ceremony, it’s our chance to shine. 1,391 more words

What not to wear - high neck

hey guys!

A trend which has been very popular this summer has been high necked tops. Ranging their patterns but never the style when it only really suited half the population. 103 more words


Yes, you DO look fat in those pants

When on earth did it become appropriate to squeeze into clothing that is something like 3 or 4 sizes too small for you? And goodness, aren’t you terribly uncomfortable? 273 more words


What (Not) to Wear to a Concert

I was doing some thinking about how poor Polexia tends to obsess about what to wear when we go to concerts. To be clear, I’m talking about… 750 more words