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My what not to wear rules

hello lovelies. so I want to start off by saying I am not a qualified or expert on fashion, though I like to think I know what not to wear. 1,105 more words

Wanda: Boring in Beige to Beautiful in Blue

Two “Beautiful” Stories today . . .

Jenna’s Story

My auburn-haired granddaughter Jenna is very cute, and people frequently tell her how pretty she is. From an early age (here at 3 1/2), she has loved to primp and preen. 480 more words


A Different Way of Talking to Kids About What They're Wearing

For parents, talking to kids about clothes usually involves questioning the warmth, propriety, cleanliness or sanity of what they’re wearing. But there’s another, less familiar — and possibly more useful — way to discuss an outfit. 345 more words

Stacy London's Back, Baby!!!!

This is what my face looks like every day now! I’m just ecstatic about Stacy London’s return to television! I know I’m not alone, America. Who’s with me? 280 more words

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house tour love-Stacy London

I love Stacy London!  I think a lot of folks have a not so nice opinion of her based on a certain tv show, but I think we need to remember that one of the evils of “reality” tv is that it very carefully crafts a personality for each character that is likely far from actual reality.   73 more words


A Toddler on my Head & Other "Accessories" I Rock

They say some people wear their emotions on their sleeve, I wear my motherhood.  At any given moment, I am, amongst other things, a human tissue, sporting at least a little snot. 341 more words

Working Moms

"The ludicrous element in our feelings does not make them any less authentic"*...

A Chinese photographer is making counterfeit luxury goods and knock-off designs look good. With a budget of just $9 per item, Quentin Shih, a photographer from Tianjin, held a fashion shoot in a small coal-producing city in Shanxi province that is best known for its choking air pollution.

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