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Hi I am aimal khan and have created this webseite to gather work of my uncle Dr. khaliq ziar.


No Appeal | Darkland Poetry

Be careful what you say for every word we speak has its origins in the Logos

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Source: No Appeal | Darkland Poetry


How much would you give?

I conducted a poll on the lifeGO Facebook page: how much kindness would you give an unkind person?

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The biggest influence in my life is my mother. 241 more words

What Others Say


We are just three South London girls who had had a bad year in 2015. We met up in a Caribbean restaurant on Brixton Hill to cry over our woes but instead found that we have much to be thankful for in life. 180 more words


On Thoughts, Feelings and Reality

The universe is a virtual quantum soup that only exists as reality in a single moment – now. In fact, far from being a static object that we “bump” into as we journey through life, the universe is manifested on a moment to moment basis, recreating itself out of that quantum soup. 626 more words

What Others Say

Changing the world with speech

I have change that deliberately. I choose to speak in a positive manner and less harsh to everyone including my kid.

Maybe it’s time to journey on self discovery and to put our mindset right. 53 more words

What Others Say