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Asexuality and Verbal Warmongering

While staying in the US, I’ve had Chick-fil-A’s fresh lemonade and loved it. The trouble is that they are part of a group express a “Christian” philosophy that opposes mine. 2,452 more words


Not Just Epic Romance

So after reading Hanna White sigh over how demisexuality isn’t noble1, I feel I should add that nope, demisexuals are not just destined for epic romance. 370 more words


Unstraightening My Facts: Sexual Orientation

The blog series in which messy reality muddles my neat mental image of sexuality. Let’s start with the basics, shall we? How’s asexuality and demisexuality a “sexual orientation”? 1,002 more words


The Invisible Sexuality

I don’t feel discriminated against… I do feel a little invisible. That seems to be the trend where asexuality, in all its varieties, is concerned. For me the result was ignorance: realising there was such a thing as demisexuality in my midtwenties… in a country where variations in sexual orientation are actually part of secondary school sex ed curriculum. 609 more words


The 4 Building Blocks of Networking

While driving through Luxembourg, I always marvel at how the once sleepy, agricultural country has transformed its sprawling pastures into glamorous buildings of steel and glass. 657 more words


Dimensions of Sexual Self, Sexuality and Relationships

Let’s start with labels. In one of my first post I explained that I understood sexuality to have two spectra, the Kinsey scale and the degree in which you wish to have sex, of which one end is “asexuality” and I’m pretty close to. 750 more words


In search of a lexicon

Writing a good post about a subject that’s new to me in my second language, with specific words and sensitive matters I’m not clear on… it’s like a pot of gold. 604 more words