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Unstraightening My Facts: Intersectionality

I look at a concept I’ve encountered in the asexual community, and try to understand it, from this post onward with a new plan of action: 239 more words

Personal Journey

“They” as a Singular Pronoun, a Cisgender Perspective

Bit of a disclaimer: in this post I discuss two different uses of the pronouns. The re-introduction of “they” as gender-neutral pronoun for general use and the use of different pronouns by people with non-binary gender identities. 1,322 more words

Personal Reflection

Want to Start an Asexuality Community Library?

My thoughts continue to rattle on… Because possibilities! Ideas! Let’s see what we have, shall we?

  • Several books published on asexuality, available online and offline…
  • 418 more words

Absence and substance

If being on the asexual spectrum means never or rarely feeling sexual attraction, then what is there? I’ve had my first conversations with strangers about asexuality. 523 more words


Asexuality in a History's Afterword

I’ve been browsing for some published works on asexuality. Demisexuality usually leads to “0 results”. The sparse information disappoints, but I’ve found a few treasures I’ll be reading. 349 more words


Asexuality and Verbal Warmongering

While staying in the US, I’ve had Chick-fil-A’s fresh lemonade and loved it. The trouble is that they are part of a group express a “Christian” philosophy that opposes mine. 2,452 more words


Not Just Epic Romance

So after reading Hanna White sigh over how demisexuality isn’t noble1, I feel I should add that nope, demisexuals are not just destined for epic romance. 370 more words