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Leadership & Training Costs: A Huge Waste?

$70 billion a year for corporate training in the U.S. (Forbes)?

Much of that obscene amount is spent on leadership development and mostly failed efforts to transform corporations. 621 more words


World Water Day

While this blog is primarily based around Food, Love, and Sex (the title has no false pretenses to the subjects within), I would like to take the opportunity to share an article pertaining to another topic I am passionate about. 907 more words


What Beauty God Created

Scripture: Matthew 10
By: Helen Lane, First Baptist Church of Watford City

His wife and my husband prepared for kidney transplant surgery, his wife was the donor and my husband was the recipient. 500 more words


Inequality, self help & hope

Inequality, war, crime, hatred, racism and well, we’ve got it all really. Starting with this article http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30875633 shows the distribution of the worlds assets (wealth), where 1% will own 50% of the worlds wealth by 2016 (those that own over £500,000 in assets) and 20% own 85% of wealth, this is also comparable to US income where the split is 20/80. 294 more words

Personal Thoughts

Parents are unconsciously setting their kids up to be materialists with fragile egos

You might want to think twice before piling up on birthday gifts for the young one this year.

Researchers from the University of Missouri asked adults how they were rewarded or punished as children, for behavior and grades. 336 more words

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The way we bring up our children can change the world economy!

Dare to be a Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 6

By: Helen Lane, First Baptist Church of Watford City


The toy poodle has a Great Dane voice, which is making our lives miserable. 599 more words


Share the roses while there is life

Matthew 8:21-22

Hearing all the whoopla about Captain Kirk not attending the funeral of Dr. Spock brought back memories of my not attending the funeral of my father. 561 more words