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to be completely honest...

I didn’t put up as many decorations this year as I have in years past.

And…while I think I liked the simplicity,

to be completely honest… 205 more words



Read Acts 9
Focus on verse 1-2, 15

A few weeks ago as I was out for my evening stroll with our family dog, I happened to notice what appeared to be an ugly bird sitting on top of a palm tree stump. 440 more words

Daily Devotional

The Purge: Post-Election Edition

Sometimes, you are faced with a disconnect that is so profound that it is alarming in its implications.  One such example is the conduct that I and other friends have been on the receiving end of since Tuesday night.   1,650 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative

Settling Into Uncertainty

It has been quite the year. A year of change, of uncertainty, of newness.

I’ve watched people close to me move away, fall out of relationships, and lose loved ones in tragic accidents. 319 more words

So, yeah...

I gave up trying to predict the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.  If I spoke out about the very real reasons why Hillary Clinton, a/k/a Felonia von Pantsuit, could not be allowed to win the election, I was usually greeted with responses asking how Trump could possibly be more acceptable.   1,027 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative

My Vision Condition

My eyes sometimes have trouble focusing.  My vision can become distorted, or has difficulty shifting from one object to another.  It can also be a challenge to see multiple things at a time as my focus tends to zero in on one object.   473 more words
Birch Trees

"The Real Deal"

happiness is a state of mind
and the only state i wanna live in

i can’t fake being happy
i can’t fake being sad
what you see is what you get… 83 more words