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I haven’t posted in a long time. The reason is that I have decided to go back to school and become a nurse. It is intense, I am learning a lot, the candle is being burnt at both ends, and I am taking it one step at a time. 248 more words

Farming Journey

Ep. 108 3 Keys to Living & Dying Consciously

Learn how to awaken to higher consciousness NOW so that you can experience conscious dying at the end of your life.


In this episode I share the secret behind the 3-part tagline I use on the…

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What Really Matters

Hey guys! My weekend was so full of adventure and fun with Nolan and my parents. Not only did I have a ton of fun I also had some experiences to make me think a lot about what really matters to me in my life. 567 more words

Show Me What Is Important Today

The closets are overflowing with clothes that need to be donated. ¬†Okay, I’ve really been working on it this summer while school was out but if you know me, my summer was busy, and now the phone is ringing again for subs. ¬† 1,371 more words


By Terry Carter

When we are young, many of us think we are invincible. Then we suffer heartbreak and slowly begin to realize we are not quite bulletproof. 692 more words

True Truths


With toddlers, consistency can be fleeting. One day, they love chicken. The next time you serve chicken, they hate it and act as if you’re asking them to eat a rat. 831 more words

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Every time we watch a television program or movie, we are watching others live their scripted lives. In retrospect, this may be one of the biggest wastes of time in our lives if we watch 1-2 programs each day. 109 more words

True Truths