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Saying Goodbye

We as a family buried our father eight years ago. As a strong silent man, who was steadfast in his ideals, he passed on his own terms in his own home surrounded by his entire family of six kids and our mom. 523 more words

Whitefire Theatre’s ‘Waiting for Johnny Depp’ will have you at ‘WTF’

Waiting for Johnny Depp, a hilariously profane, one woman show, tracks the existential angst of an aspiring actress, struggling to navigate the arduous casting process for an A-list movie. 238 more words


Not paying attention to things that Dont' Matter

Like how I missed the apostrophe placement on “Don’t”.  Does it really matter?

The first thing you have to ask your self is “what really matters.”  Everyone has to do that for themselves. 80 more words


My 17-year-old daughter complained earlier today that she would prefer to workout in the afternoon.   In fact, she said, “why would I do something in the early morning when I could do it in the afternoon…when I am more wide awake?”   Our conversation about the merits of a good time to workout reminded me about a book I read recently from Rory Vaden which is titled… 455 more words

Mindfulness 2 - can you be in the moment or not ?

I wrote this on February 29, that special Leap Year day. The Mindfulness class continues.
I ask myself : Can …I …Be… In… The… Moment ? 246 more words

What Really Matters

Why I talk to myself — and why you should try it!

I’m a talker. Not the kind that rattles on and on with the grocery clerk whilst she rings up my purchases. Not the kind that hangs out by the water cooler in my office building simply dying to tell someone about my weekend plans (or lack thereof). 493 more words


What Really Matters?

What really matters? That is a hard question, isn’t it? I have to admit, I lived too many years before I figured it out. My soul focus was on me. 726 more words