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Thôi, đừng lỡ hẹn

Tối mùa đông hôm đấy thật ra không có gì đặc biệt.

Những ngày lãng đãng cuối năm, quanh quẩn chỉ có công việc và những cuộc vui dài lê thê. 1,232 more words

What Really Matters

WINNING THE GAME OF LIFE, Part 1: Seeing the Unknown

By Terry Carter

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I briefly but adamantly refused to believe that I was going to be taking insulin injections at the tender age of 11 after becoming pretty good in three sports. 388 more words

What Really Matters

What Really Matters?~by Nathan Antoine

What Really Matters?

I ask you
Hypothetically, of course
What matters?

Work equals pay
Which equals stuff
And more work or better pay
Equals better quality stuff… 87 more words



She handed him a card with a handwritten quote from a famous philosopher. She stood there, talking to him about what it meant. He nodded and smiled. 47 more words

Daily Thoughts


Do not dread imperfection. It makes us strive to be better. It gives us drive to succeed.

Daily Thoughts


Help whenever you can without expecting anything in return. Only then helping will feel good and genuine.

Daily Thoughts