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Taking Stock of What Really Matters in Life

We are caught in a daily rat race to make and accumulate wealth. People live their lives on a constant need to make money, remain relevant, build empires and live a life of comfort and satisfaction. 671 more words

Random Inspiration

Nugget # 103 Life is an Acappella!

Hi friends,

Hope you are doing fine. This week I’d like to share a nugget that many of us could relate to. Firstly let’s define what an acapella really is: 516 more words

You Are All That Matters

I may lose it all,

I may walk through darkness,

I may be stepped on and broken,

yet, if I have you, you’re all that matters. 65 more words


What Does it Matter?

I have been blessed for a long long time with mentors who truly cared about me. Through they years they have offered me a ton of very valuable advice. 444 more words


Letting Go

Hi my name is Sam, and I’m a bit (okay a lot) of a control freak.

In unison, “Hi Sam!”

As some of you may know I recently started my student teaching program, so I am now out of the house all day during the week. 305 more words

Mommy Blogger


By Terry Carter, Editor

I have weighed more than 200 pounds for about 25 years now, topping out at a mountainous 262 pounds about 3 years ago. 952 more words

True Truths

Sacrificing to Survive

I sacrifice every day.

I sacrifice every night.

I sacrificed my whole life.

I sacrifice because I am strong.

I sacrifice to survive.

I sacrifice… For you. 1,663 more words