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The Main Thing

Earlier this year, after we got up one morning, Asher asked me, “Daddy, is it school day?” I said, “No Asher, it’s church day!” And, immediately he ran around yelling “YEAH!! 374 more words


lessons learned.

Recently, my boyfriend was asked in a job interview to make a relation between a movie or book with his life. For me, the answer was obviously: Fight Club. 271 more words


After-Action Report: The Accountant

I knew when I read the synopsis of this film that it would be an emotional experience for me. What I did not anticipate was enjoying it as much as I did. 1,133 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative

This woman wins Mom of the Year award for her response to her daughter’s failing math grade

When high schooler Hannah Cho told her mom she failed her test, she was met with an encouraging, supportive, very mom-like response that taught us all an important lesson about what it means to succeed in this world. 128 more words


On butterlies and what really matters

The “butterfly effect” is a phenomenon whereby a minute localized change, like a butterfly flapping its wings, in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. 419 more words

Academic advisors on our campus work under a great deal of pressure and for the most part go largely unrecognized for the good work they do. 479 more words


There is so much LOVE in our world - these are the BEST of times 

​”One of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing my message is because the mass media feeds us fear-based messages, on an ongoing basis. And if we hear these message often enough, we start believing them to be true. 110 more words

How To Allow