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Here goes nothing...

My first ever blog!

Hey everyone!

So basically I have no idea how these things work yet, but hopefully I’ll get better as time goes by. 44 more words

One day to the next...

One day I’m completely fine, just busily working away and shooing away any negative or sad thoughts. Other days it is all I can think about. 356 more words

What Should I Do With My Life? Review

What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question
by Po Bronson

Written in a series of short stories, this book details the lives of people of different backgrounds and passions as they wrestle with this question. 318 more words


what's inside the song

I’m feeling really overwhelmed, and when I feel that way my first instinct is to procrastinate, which is fucking stupid as fuck and doesn’t help at all and just makes me feel worse ultimately. 532 more words