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Kale, Potato, Pea Salad

I like to make big, dinner portion salads, kind of one-dish meals. We’re a family of six, so size matters!

This particular salad is filling, so you shouldn’t leave the table hungry. 182 more words

What Should I Eat

What Should I Eat? It's So Confusing!

What should I eat? Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to healthy recipes and healthy foods. And it can be a little overwhelming. 294 more words

What Should I Eat


All of my life I have eaten like shit. I make excuses for myself- “I have to go through this drive-thru, I don’t have time to make dinner before my appointment” or “It’s okay to eat that Cinnabon, you walked up the stairs this morning” or even “Wow, who knew that chocolate syrup was so good in cereal?!” But the truth is that I eat the way I do because it’s habitual. 295 more words


22 Dec 2014

The ideal nutritional caloric balance for athletes is 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. Pictured above is a helpful pie chart provided by the app My Fitness Pal. 101 more words


What to eat to lose weight? Learn from the children

Many who are trying to drop the bodyweight are wondering what to eat to lose weight and there is an important lesson to learn from the children.  449 more words

A Good Diet