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Say what?

Anyone remember that phrase from circa 1973, you know in Rick James’ Give it to me baby. Yes, say what?

Well, I sort of said that, when I took Isa’s temperature today.   858 more words

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Seeing Red

For the past, well, many months actually, Isa has tolerated her chemo well. So well in fact, that the oncologists raised her dosages. The combination of medicine and perhaps a cold or cough (you all know the chemo cough) have dropped her counts into the neutropenic range. 549 more words

What The Doctors Don't Tell You

Good-bye September

Before, in the midst of treatment, I read about every child with cancer I could find.  One mom sent me an email that said, “are you still collecting kids?”   My mind and my fingers searched  for anything and everything specific about leukemia or treatments. 702 more words


Continued Fever

Even with BOTH antibiotics and tylenol Isa is running a fever of about 39 to 39.3. ( you have to translate it I operate in celsius for body temps!) Her cultures have shown NO growth for 48 hours. 264 more words

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Last week I mentioned that I wanted to check the dosage on Isa’s doxorubicin. This week it is her Dexamethasone, (decadron) a steroid that all ALL parents know. 901 more words

What The Doctors Don't Tell You

Forgotten in Clinic

Okay it sort of felt like that …

Isa was accessed without event, and she got her meds, I scrupulously checked the dosages.  PARENTS… figure out your kids doses. 201 more words


Chemo Back on Track

Isa’s counts recovered nicely, and once again, we can resume our grocery shopping!  Thank goodness.

She was around a 850 ANC, which is still low. She tolerated the chemo well enough that we could venture to the Mug-N-Bun for lunch. 385 more words

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