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Moving to College

Okay so I’m not actually moving myself but my boyfriend and his sister are moving back to school today. I thought I would write my tips for moving into a dorm or house. 521 more words


College Packing Checklist - The Necessities, The Good-to-Haves, and the Compeltely Useless

This one’s for all the class of twenty-nineteener-weiners. This is a PARTIALLY SPONSORED POST. (But it’s still good stuff, so keep reading.)

YOU’RE GOING TO COLLEGE!!! 778 more words


The Ultimate College Dorm List

Last year, right around this time I was freaking out about what I needed for my dorm room. Obviously I had never lived on my own (well actually I did, but it was only for a month and it was an art summer camp, but that doesn’t count). 1,670 more words

Back-to-School Series

Sophomore Year Purchases

While preparing for your first year of college, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you need to buy in preparation for dorm living. With a year under my belt, I realized a few items that I am buying for this year that I didn’t think about buying for last. 328 more words

What to Bring to College : Part I

When you were in elementary school you’d go school supply shopping with your mom and you’d look up at those pretty pink mini magnetic chandelier and dream of having your very own locker to decorate as you pleased. 490 more words


The College Column: Things you may not think about stocking up on for college...

This page is dynamic and will be continuously updated as more things come to mind and I receive suggestions. Thank you.

The end of the third quarter is approaching here and I am struck by the things that I am (or am not) running out of. 232 more words