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What to Bring to College : Part I

When you were in elementary school you’d go school supply shopping with your mom and you’d look up at those pretty pink mini magnetic chandelier¬†and dream of having your very own locker to decorate as you pleased. 490 more words


The College Column: Things you may not think about stocking up on for college...

This page is dynamic and will be continuously updated as more things come to mind and I receive suggestions. Thank you.

The end of the third quarter is approaching here and I am struck by the things that I am (or am not) running out of. 232 more words


What Not To Bring To College

I’ll be heading back to college next week to start my second year at university and I am so excited. What I am not very excited about however is packing. 845 more words


The Budget Divaa's Guide to College: Leave it or Bring it?

I know I’ve slacked off on posting regularly, but I’ve moved back to Miami for college! As a junior in college, I’d like to think that I’m an expert at knowing what to bring with you to school and what to leave at home. 1,034 more words


College Essentials: Bag Essentials

{College Bag Essentials}

Disclaimer: This post was written specifically for students studying in the Philippines but I suppose it can be generalized as well.

It’s difficult to know what exactly we must bring to our classes so I made a list of the things that I usually have with me. 726 more words


10 Things Not to Forget When Moving Off to College

Hey guys! Now that the fall semester is approaching, I know there are a lot of incoming freshmen who are wondering what they will need the most, and stressing about whether or not they’re forgetting to pack something. 1,234 more words