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Composting dish cloths

This dish cloth has seen its last days.
Rather than trash it, I cut it up and put it in the compost as it’s 100% cotton. 45 more words


What to compost and What Not to Compost!

Ok so I really believe in composting it’s free, easy, and gives you an awesome power packed cocktail for your plants! The biggest thing with composting is knowing what to compost and what not to compost. 120 more words

Growing Things

A quiet spot for lunch - and time to read up on all things Compost

Time to brush up on my composting knowledge – starting with The Garden Organic Book of Compost. I’m talking on all things Compost next month – and when I have my notes ready, I’ll let you know! 14 more words

General Comment

Quick Backyard Compost - Hot Composting in 5 Steps (really easy)

Hot composting is the ideal method for a small backyard. If well prepared, it will give you perfect dark soil in about 18 days. You don’t need to invest in any material. 232 more words

Urban Garden

How to compost kitchen waste Part One

Composting is an amazing thing to do for your garden, and the good news is…It’s not that difficult!  We’re just playing in the dirt, here, folks.  762 more words

Soil And Compost

What to compost

Since I showed my new composter in my last post, I thought it would be good to actually remind myself and everyone what to compost. Of course, I’m nowhere near being an authority on composting, but whatever I know I will share, especially from my own experiences. 299 more words

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