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What to Expect When You Arrive at the Funeral Home

One of the first things the funeral arranger will do is to provide you with our general price list. He or she will then guide you through the entire arrangement process, explaining how you can create a memorable personal celebration of your loved one’s life. 284 more words


I am a guilty mother

Sometimes I feel that my second name should be ‘guilty’ because I am always guilty for something or the other. And it all started as soon my little daughter was born. 526 more words

What To Expect

Within the Dorm

I walked into my dorm today to hear the saddening sounds of my foreign exchange suitemate whimpering on the phone secluded in her room while another one of my suitemates barged through the door, telling whoever was she was speaking with on the phone, “I feel like I’m going to cry” as she tried to  figure out what books she needed for her Anatomy and Physiology class. 1,053 more words


What to expect when you spay your cat...

This guide for you was inspired by all the wise and well-meaning guidance I received before Medea was spayed. I hope this guide ends any unease you may have about the procedure and its effects on your pet. 820 more words

What to do with your catch

Lots of people look at Ross with a crazy-face when he tells them we LOVE to eat striper. Striper has a rep for tasting pretty bad… and it totally can if it’s not properly cleaned, filleted and treated before cooking. 610 more words


What to Expect

Being both first time moms, makeup and fashion are doubly important now than before. Dressing up and making ourselves feel pretty has helped us feel more like normal human beings instead of “ 411 more words

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Prenatal Yoga

I feel like the second I got pregnant people started asking me if I was doing yoga.

“It’s soooo good for you,” they said.

And while I know this to be true – that it is in fact good for you – while I love yoga, I hate yoga classes. 482 more words