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Terror Taxi

By Gunny Mac
  don’t know if they still do it or not, but around the time that I was going through boot camp Drill Instructors played a mental game of good-guy/bad-guy on recruits. 912 more words


Three Things We Want to See From Facebook Earnings (But Probably Won't)

Since it went public three years ago, quarterly earnings have become fairly routine around Facebook headquarters.

The company delivers more users, more mobile ad revenue and substantial year-over-year revenue growth each and every quarter. 514 more words


My Interview of a Conscientious Objector

…at Aeon Magazine. Check it out.

Politics & Society

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Read about First Lieutenant Jacob Bridge's story.


I took a few moments to create a basic what to expect list for my blog. Just the main/major topics I will be writing about. Consider it a sneak peak. 44 more words


Womb Scratch

What is a womb scratch?
Could there be a more terrifying sounding term than “womb scratch”? It is the process whereby doctors make a tiny scratch to the endometrial lining to stimulate fresher, healthier cell production and increased white blood cells to the area. 829 more words


In late 1992, I found myself sitting in a Camp Fuji  “Welcome Indoc” Learning that, what we call a “thumbs up”, is the Japanese equivalent of the middle finger;  a fact, proven to me one day, by the occupants of a school bus. 3,817 more words

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Want a firsthand idea of what your marine may be experiencing? Read the very interesting story of a retired U.S Marine!