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OMG I'm 30.

As I sit here reminiscing on my years of prime – my 20s – I think about how everyone always says your 30s are your best years.  801 more words


What to Expect The First Two Hours Postpartum

You prepare for labor, you prepare for delivery.  What happens when your baby arrives though?  You’ve likely created a birth plan that says that you don’t want to be separated from baby in the first hour or two and you want to have delayed cord clamping , a quiet room, etc. 1,852 more words


Drop Off - What to Expect

Many of our first time consignors want to know what to expect at drop off. In short, it’s frenzied and fantastic fun.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind: 382 more words

Drop Off

Is it safe to eat sushi during pregnancy? Fact or Fiction?

I’m pleased to reveal that, after extensive research and decades of expectant mothers (and supportive fathers) shunning sushi during pregnancy, I have discovered that this is in fact one of the most widely misreported pregnancy myths out there and in most cases it is perfectly safe to eat sushi without any risk to your unborn babe! 1,045 more words


10 Things to Remember as a Single Parent

I was 16 when I became pregnant, and a couple weeks after becoming pregnant, I became single as well. There was a plethora of different emotions that I was feeling. 1,232 more words

The wonderful world of pregnancy cravings

As every good woman knows, the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And let me tell you, in week 7 of our journey towards parenthood, with pregnancy cravings now in full swing, my stomach (and I) couldn’t be happier. 325 more words


What to Expect: Driving on the Lot

In this day-and-age much of what we do in our lives revolves around electronics and technology as a whole. Researching and buying a vehicle is no exception to this new process. 831 more words