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Motherhood’s Marks

Oh man, this is something I wasn’t expecting!


Throughout my life I have heard, “Don’t lift that, it’s really heavy!,” “Can all the men help put these (insert heavy objects here) away?” “Here let me take that for you, it’s heavy.” “Be careful lifting that, you can get a hernia!” But I didn’t expect to be told I actually… 482 more words


Hey - I’m only bloody bloggin’

So who am am I? Why am I blogging? What do I do? What’s the blog going to be? Why have I jumped on 700 years after everyone else? 425 more words


What Can You expect?

Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you a quick perspective about what I’m going to write in the future! I don’t want to focus my blog exclusively in travelling, entrepreneurship or fitness, oh and don’t even question me about teenage drama, that will stay far away from this blog… hopefully! 39 more words

10 questions for Michelle Kernen

Name: Kernen Michelle Sara
Age: 29
Nationality: Swiss
Profession: Blogger and Mama Bird
Number of kids: 1 (Lee)

1. Did you always imagine yourself as a mom? 282 more words


Pregnancy Cravings!

In the early weeks of my pregnancy I couldn’t really eat anything, I was super ill and I spent most of my time lay on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself and I had absolutely no appetite. 560 more words

Please Read

Life, mess, meh...

Hubby and I used to ask each other things like “Why are there dolls in the kitchen??”

Clearly – parenting virgins. Stupid question. Same level stupid as asking someone at a bus stop if they’re waiting for a bus. 60 more words


What to Expect from an Astrology Reading

What to Expect from an Astrology Reading. Let’s learn more about  astrology reading at Click 

I’m Kelli Fox I’ve been a professional astrologer for over two decades and I would like to explain a little about what to expect from an astrology reading. 351 more words