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What to Watch: 07/27/2016

What does Remi Malek want? A Master Chef would like to know. Sherrod Small would sure love to know. Only his robot knows for sure. 141 more words

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What to Watch: 07/26/2016

Tonight, the Democrats make history tonight as they nominate Hillary Clinton as the first female candidate fielded by a major candidate – in response to the Republicans groundbreaking pick of our first half-Cheetos candidate. 421 more words

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What to Watch: 07/25/2016

We don’t mean to get political, but we think Hillary Clinton applauding a cupcake while Rashida Jones looks on with a “wtf” expression sums up today. 224 more words

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What to Watch: 07/24/2016

As we wait to see what the looming and exciting, if certainly more tame, Dem Convention brings, there’s a ton of options to take your mind off the coming apocalypse, including an underrated comic thriller on a new night. 232 more words

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What to Watch: 07/23/2016

Tonight’s pretty much dominated by AMC and its forays into the 1800s final(-ish) frontier. There’s also Hallmark Movies. To the picks.

Hell on Wheels… 138 more words

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REVIEW: Infinitely Polar Bear (2014)

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything… I’ve recently started a new job, which makes it really difficult to maintain a routine posting schedule. 316 more words


What to Watch: 07/22/2016

We’re pretty sure the angry orange man has stopped speaking by now, and it’s Friday, so while the television is mostly quiet we can come out from cowering to quell our fears with a manic depressive Hollywood horse and gigantic foodstuffs among other things. 177 more words

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