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Armbands or ringclips?

Armbands or ringclips?
At a show each dog will have a number allocated to them. This is their ring number and at benched shows will also be the bench number. 376 more words

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My first Ringcraft...what to take

My first┬áRingcraft…what to take
Many people feel nervous about going to Ringcraft classes for the first time. You know there is no need, yet the nerves come rushing and the questions start like “What should I wear” and “What do I need to take”. 220 more words

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Dress Code

I’ve been having a dig around some old documents written for our Junior Handlers at Stevenage Ringcraft by myself and my Dad (Ray McDonald). I thought I would start sharing them on this blog, no point them just staying on my hard-drive! 353 more words


What are your options when you don't have pockets?

What are your options when you don’t have pockets?
You have found the near perfect outfit, but the one issue is the pockets or there lack of. 235 more words

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