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You bring out the man in me

You bring out the man in me
The muscle and the sinew of me
The ripping forearms and
Sweat-dotted brow of me.
You bring out the musk and the male… 224 more words


For God's Sake - an open letter to a Muslim terrorist

“This pen, this perfectly innocent pen.”

So said Harold Pinter. Going by the news in Paris yesterday when masked gunmen stormed into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed, among others, cartoonists, editors, and journalists. 1,250 more words


A love letter to my father


So many years have passed since I have done this. I do not remember the last time I wrote to you, and it has not been for lack of need, or wanting to do so. 619 more words

Words And Writing

Letter to the girl who would become an architect

There was a time I used to write letters. I would write one a day, sometimes, more. I would write with anything I could find; pens and pencils, with crayons, eye liner pencils, chalk, charcoal, markers, permanent and impermanent. 612 more words


This is not a poem. This is a goodnight kiss.

This is not a poem. This is not a letter.
This is not a plea.
This is a negotiation. This is a good night kiss. 132 more words


Letter to my absent lover

On a weekday afternoon when the lull of human machines drone about me, and the rain drizzles absentmindedly against the panes, I am thinking of how the dark of your hair pours downward and thrashes silently against the milk of your back. 197 more words


Stand for me again

I read everything I wrote from the time I was inside your love. I can no longer write that way. I no longer know how. I recognise so little of that self now. 53 more words