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Leaving town

It’s been a while since we met here, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I don’t do this oftener. It feels not dissimilar to gutting myself with a cheese knife. 551 more words


#WhenIWas 41, I realised I'd been molested as a child

At what length of the skirt will she be "asking for it" pic.twitter.com/gbiA7cW77y

— Tyrantasorus (@tyrantasorus) April 20, 2016

Yesterday on Twitter, a handle called @EverydaySexism created a hashtag: 

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Letter to a young writer in NYC

…It’s funny you know, but it feels as though I have a better relationship with my father now he’s gone. Our relationship was always tumultuous. We loved each other as much as we disliked each other, and those are the most intriguing connections we share on earth; more so because the absence of say, romance, makes it even more questionable: why not simply cut off? 549 more words


Everything is for you

To write to you is butchery. I might as well take a carving knife and have a go at my thigh. I may as well make fillets of my tendons. 403 more words