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A Grand Experiment for the Jazz Internet

When I started this blog, I hoped that my perspective and writing could help shed some light on what I dubbed “the definition-resistant tradition we call jazz.”  I hope that my thoughts so far have proven to be somewhat successful in that regard, but I think that there’s an even better way to dig into it: reading yours.  160 more words

Resisting Definition

My Jazz Times Confession

Since every other jazz blog is abuzz with the recent news of the Jazz Times return from the dead, I figure now is a good time for me to make a confession: 772 more words

Jazz Journalism

Beyond the Starving Artist

I’ve always wondered if any artists out there were thinking carefully about the economic realities facing today’s creative community.  Then I found Createquity, a great blog that discusses exactly those issues in a very smart and creative way.  1,025 more words


Moldy Figs and the Personal Essay

I just read a wonderful post by Cristina Nehring at Truthdig (via Koreanish) decrying the state of the modern American essay.  As a writer, I’ve always been particularly interested in personal essays, sometimes to a fault. 879 more words

Jazz Journalism

Something I don't expect to be posting much ...

Since I started Lubricity last week, I’ve been thinking about the meaning of the word and, ironically, how this space will define itself in its own non-definitional way.  665 more words

Resisting Definition

We're not a design firm

This is the fourth in a series of four postings, and certainly, for me, the hardest one to write. (See postings under “What we’re not… 785 more words


We're not an interactive agency

I once was, but I got better.

As one of the founders of Paris France, an interactive agency in Portland, which existed between 1999 and 2003, I was privileged to work with some amazingly bright people, like Jeff Faulkner, Chuck Nobles, Erik Falat, and others, and to do some… 816 more words

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