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Interior Photos of the Soon to be New Home

I walked through the house this past weekend with a camera and also got a floor plan of the house we are buying.  It helps to have pictures to refer to now so I can come up with a plan for the house. 512 more words

New Home

What in the What What Whut?

Last night, I ran across this posted in one of the groups I’m in.

Give Worgens the chance to choose Alliance or Horde.

I almost spat my wine out while reading this last night, I was laughing so hard.   247 more words


Once Upon a Time in Molten Core

Once Upon a time in World of Wacraft, I used to be a Horde Warlock, I played on a Mac Mini on Dial-Up, and there was an instance called Molten Core.   956 more words


Hard Ticket to Home Video Classic: The Ice Pirates


Brad: I can only assume that I watched this as a kid because of my love of Star Wars. But maybe that’s not entirely true. 1,311 more words


Hard Ticket to Home Video Classic: No Holds Barred

We’ll be going on Labor Day hiatus until Tuesday, so for now, enjoy this amazing article from a bygone era! C U Next Tuesday!

TRAILER… 3,690 more words


Things I Learned About Babies

I can hardly believe it’s been three months since this little jellybean entered my life. It’s been a learning experience for sure. Following are some of the insights my son has inspired. 428 more words