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It was a hot day. No clouds, no breeze; just the sun’s heat sitting stagnant in the air. Water and strawberry lemonade ruled the day. As the family worked on countless projects and trying to beat the heat, the kiddos discovered what “brother” means. 392 more words


Interior Photos of the Soon to be New Home

I walked through the house this past weekend with a camera and also got a floor plan of the house we are buying.  It helps to have pictures to refer to now so I can come up with a plan for the house. 512 more words

New Home

What in the What What Whut?

Last night, I ran across this posted in one of the groups I’m in.

Give Worgens the chance to choose Alliance or Horde.

I almost spat my wine out while reading this last night, I was laughing so hard.   247 more words


Once Upon a Time in Molten Core

Once Upon a time in World of Wacraft, I used to be a Horde Warlock, I played on a Mac Mini on Dial-Up, and there was an instance called Molten Core.   956 more words


Hard Ticket to Home Video Classic: The Ice Pirates


Brad: I can only assume that I watched this as a kid because of my love of Star Wars. But maybe that’s not entirely true. 1,311 more words


Hard Ticket to Home Video Classic: No Holds Barred

We’ll be going on Labor Day hiatus until Tuesday, so for now, enjoy this amazing article from a bygone era! C U Next Tuesday!

TRAILER… 3,690 more words


Things I Learned About Babies

I can hardly believe it’s been three months since this little jellybean entered my life. It’s been a learning experience for sure. Following are some of the insights my son has inspired. 428 more words