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Star Wars: Now Brought to You By the Evil Empire

I didn’t want to write this blog post today.

I had actually planned to write about it in a few weeks, but then the new stupid Star Wars trailer came out yesterday and got 18 million views within 18 hours, which got me all riled up so now here I am, writing about this today instead of when I intended to, throwing my whole blogging schedule out of wack.  720 more words


What Would Jesus Buy?

Both this documentary and the movement or whatever you want to call it that it depicts strive for laughs in a way that’s supposed to get you to think, but I don’t know that either is ever as successful as it could be, which I found slightly frustrating as I watched. 962 more words


First "X-mas," now "Black Thanksgiving" - our economy is a house of cards set up on a rickety card table propped up with consumer excess

Good geeshy sakes – I left my family’s e-mail box unattended for a day or two and opened it up this morning to find a stack of SPAM!   681 more words

What Would Jesus Buy

(David Halnes)

“When Black Friday comes,
I’ll stand down by the door
And catch the grey men when they
Dive from the fourteenth floor.” 563 more words

Mass Consumption

End of year celebration and December movie night

Join us for a special end of year movie and celebration. In lieu of our Christmas Picnic, come join us for some food and drinks at the Stirling Arms from 6 pm and then stay for this Christmas themed movie – What Would Jesus Buy? 154 more words



Since so often the apocalypse-making problems that shock us in the news every day would be solved by consuming less…. here is the 2007 film “What Would Jesus Buy?” Shopping the way that governments and corporations want us to shop – produces C02 emissions.

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