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"Are" you ready to continue the lesson?

“Are you ready?”

The sentence above including asking for information using be. The introgative sentence above is kind of short question with yes/no anwers. 252 more words

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What The Tooth Fairy Now Pays

The Tooth Fairy NOW pays…

The Tooth Fairy paid an average of $4.66 per tooth last year, which is an all-time high!

That’s up 19% from 2015, when it was $3.91 per tooth. 90 more words


Day 1

Well I finally decided to create a blog. Yes a blog and yes a shitty way to compare how my day goes against all odds. Being a teenage girl is hard work from figuring out who to talk to and who’s cool enough for you to talk to… I struggle with the daily things of boys, controlling parents who think all is well, an older asshole brother and a perfect little sister. 81 more words

What Am I?

Lately I’ve taken a look at the different things I notice about myself, whether it’s the hobbies I have, the people I’m friends with, or the clothes that I wear. 281 more words

Things To Think About

How vs. What

Today I want to briefly address a mistake that is very common among non-native speakers, namely the confusion of How and What … like in forming questions. 245 more words


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Somebody help me out here. 

What is your purpose and why do you need to fulfill it? It’s seems as though we all have one and must see it through. What if we pick the wrong purpose? 27 more words