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What Defiles A Person

Rev Ewen Matheson Sermon from Cross Free Church of Scotland in Ness freely available to listen to and download:

Date/Time: 24/09/17, Sunday 6pm
Reading(s): James 3 v 1 – 4 v 10, Matthew 15 v 15-16… 28 more words


What Was The Last Thing I Created?

What was the last thing I created?

Well, if you consider writing a form of creating, than that would be the last thing I created. I enjoy writing very much, I write almost every day. 697 more words


Fandom Quote #26

“Dang dang diggity dang dang.”

Heather Chandler, Heather Duke and Heather McNamara,

HEATHERS: The Musical


The Standard of Grace

I know, the title seems quite literally, a contradiction of what we know about grace. Grace as we come to the knowledge of it is unmerited favor, something you don’t work for, you don’t strive to have, but is given to you freely just because it is given. 739 more words


My Map to Life is Broken

You ever have a day where you just feel…lost? Like you wake up, everything is alright, you go through the motions, and then you figure out that what you’re feeling totally isn’t contentment. 331 more words



It’s shuddering to think

That once the light in your window
In your room
Used to mean something

These little things
Unforgettable little things

That once the sudden light on my phone… 89 more words