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What Do I Want..

Have you ever got thrown that one question where you get stumped? Well, that’s mine. “What do you want?” Is the most frustrating question one could ask me. 220 more words

Putting Game Understanding into Practice - Passing Possibilities

Good Afternoon Coaches,

We have had tons of emails from those of you that were unable to make it to Make the Game Live this year, and have noted that you are keen to know some of the fab content that was shared.   635 more words


Scavenger's Target

Scavenger. Ska-ven-jer.

Pada baru pertama kali denger, yakan yakan yakan? Iya. Kesan apa yang kalian dapat dari kata ‘scavenger’? Luxurious kah, atau keren gimana gitu, atau…deg-degan? 178 more words


Three Going On As Of Late (2015)

  1. Chaos.
  2. Bewilderment.
  3. Perplexing.


Moments to lag-

After letting the cat out of the bag.


Procrastinators Anonymous

I think the first sign that this post was going to be procrastinators galore was the fact that I had written a draft, nearly two weeks ago and felt quite accomplished so I left it until I realised it was 50 words long… The second sign was that I had to keep telling myself this wasn’t boring and I actually enjoy writing but my candles weren’t arranged on my bookshelf correctly and my Beta fish, Sushi, needed me to stare at him for roughly 20 minutes, I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it. 358 more words

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It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (186)

As it were-

Due to the closing of many DMV’s, the

rural areas in Alabama may tend to suffer.