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Map: What Moms From Each State Want For Mother's Day

A new survey found the Mother’s Day gift that moms in each state want most.

A new survey asked moms what they want most for Mother’s Day, and found the most popular gift in each state. 98 more words


This Is What a Republican Attack on Bernie Sanders Would Look Like

Sanders’ electability argument is still a myth.
It’s the same argument that can be said for John Kasich electability no one really knows them. Once the Trump campaign starts showing ads about Bernie Sanders spending his honeymoon in moscow’s Red Square during the Cold War, at the height of the Cold War, people won’t want to vote for him. 116 more words

Give 'em the chair

Several years ago I coined the term among my friends “Interactive Character Enhancement and Development” (ICED) to describe the various techniques we used to get to know our characters. 380 more words


What Do I Do?

Hey! My name is Nick and I’ve made some mistakes. Quite a few actually. Enough to say that I am someone who needs to go through something a couple of times to fully grasp what it is I need to learn. 629 more words


New trending GIF tagged dog what omg scared...

New trending GIF tagged dog, what, omg, scared, confused, wut, nervous via http://ift.tt/1KWSqAj

Review: Enough of NotNewsEnough

What you now see as columns and features and glossy images with questionable captions, was once a piece of assigned work, which several members of this team were not quite sure of. 397 more words


What Do Stones Mean in Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring has been a symbol of marriage, because it is in the form of a circle – the sign of invariance and stability. Long ago, people used to believe: simple and softer embellishment – the union will be firmer. 547 more words