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Well, there really isn’t much you can say about this stupid ass video.  First off, I used to be a Iggy Azalea fan when she was underground. 92 more words

Handling a passive-aggressive spouse

What to do if your spouse seems to be passive-aggressive in the relationship


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Spiritual mentorship

Everything you need to know about becoming a spiritual mentor, finding a good spiritual mentor, and what you can learn from another Christian man mentoring you! 26 more words


15 Foreigners Shared What They Won't Forget About Visiting America

In America, what you might witness in one state can be rapidly different than something you’d encounter anywhere else. While it’s easy to stereotype one country based on an experience, it’s no secret that every country has cultural differences. 24 more words


Just another day, another dollar

Just another day, another dollar reflects the grind of the work day. A montage background song as one works for the dollar. Enjoy!


Magic, Darkness, and Silent Elegies

“Esto no es una elegia,” Silvio sang to me for the first time in 2007… and indeed it was not an elegy. He merely marked the beginning of a very ordinary ten year journey that lead me rather extraordinarily to the front row of last night’s spectacle of time and space. 346 more words


Quote 691

Are we really looking for peace?

Do you think peace exists?

If yes, where do you think it is?

If you think its outside, you have a long way to go… 46 more words