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The Sweetness of Death

Does anyone want to know
why I’m dying

I don’t think so, ’cause
it’s such a tiny thing.

Oh many times I… 41 more words

Free Verse


Story of the Sun and the Moon
*I did not write this story, nor do I take any credit for it. I just found it an epic read. 1,040 more words

Idiot Savant By: Nevermind

In true fashion I skimmed the definition for a part of it that fit my situation. It read,  “Idiot savants are a group of humans that are incapable of learning.” Hm.. 285 more words


Looking for submissions

Open Explainer is looking for submissions. We are back up and running..Get it off your chest…You will feel better….PROMISE. Send submissions to openexplainer@gmail.com

Have a great day..and if you don’t…Tell us about it


How Human is Too Human?

After a conversation with Bryce Waller, also known as Blonde Ambition or the Senator, we got to thinking about how far human traits should be lent to characters who are otherwise idols and heroes to us. 1,302 more words


Current Mood

Well, it’s Sunday. The day after the 4th of July, and I’m feelin’ about tomorrow like all the maids in Pollyanna. MONDAYZZZZZ..ugh.

To make myself feel better..it’s all about shoes and cards. 111 more words