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Correspondence #10: Hitachi Personal Finance

Ages and ages and ages ago I apparently took out a loan to pay for some sort of expensive item that, to this day, still has me completely baffled as to what it was. 1,219 more words

I Only Came For The Cake

The Truth About Parenting

I’ve been the parent of small offspring – a boy named Finn – for nearly 3 months now, and here’s a little titbit of advice and information for all human beings who have ruined their lives, or will end up ruining their lives – accidentally or otherwise – in the near future: parenting is fucking easy. 1,582 more words

I Only Came For The Cake

bippity boppity boo

I’m terrible with flirting and dating and everything to do with attraction and sexuality and I totally blame it on my up-bringing like 10,000%.

Also, I’m supposed to be studying for this huge mid-term tomorrow as well as finishing some work due in like five hours, but despite these things, I feel that this is more important. 191 more words



you can tell who his friends are because they all look the same


Why Instagram Why..

Have you heard.. Instagram is changing its game. Its not gonna be a chronological anymore. They will follow FB marketing style. Thanks to FB who bought over Instagram (and I’m being cynical here 😏) They will come out with a new algorithm “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post” That is what exactly their statement was. 416 more words


What's Your Body Shape Type?

Remember this quote I put up on my IG

The other day, I was answering some silly quiz on the internet.. It was about body shape and fashion and stuff.. 121 more words