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June Gloom

June gloom really is a thing along the Pacific coast.

It’s not as if the sun doesn’t shine in Northern California throughout the month of June. 148 more words



This has to be the craziest thing I have heard about so far since I began blogging. I mean NOW I have seen it all and read it all!  680 more words



Who ever said grey is a sad colour should really think again. I know it isn’t my favourite colour either, but I know I’ll have a fondness for it, always did and always will. 461 more words



Hey. Yeah. Yeah. Hey. Feeling restless and feckless and spending a month in Nicaragua doesn’t sound too bad to me. I still haven’t heard back about anything, and it’s driving me sort of insane. 296 more words

Wednesday, 28th June, 2017. 3:22pm.

Been a few months since I did last post an entry, what’s changed?

A fuck load for one.

Everything from losing my virginity to trying something new, the ‘v’ card – as I’m going to refer it to throughout this post – has never been something of high importance to me. 1,168 more words

A Cold Day

Is it a cold day
Enjoy a cold beer
So much for long life
It’s such a long year
Nobody’s out here
Can anyone hear… 284 more words