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Cash Crisis

About two years ago, I had a cash crisis. Bombardier stock price was very low, like today, and I still had some debts toward my bank because I had to fund the family, including three children in the university. 773 more words


Fandango’s Provocative Question #1

So how about this? I’m thinking about starting something new and maybe different. Something that may get your creative juices flowing.

Each week I will pose what I think is a provocative question. 171 more words



First draft of the big part of my dissertation is due on Friday. I’m freaked. It’s what I’m going to spend all day tomorrow on… Because i have to. 123 more words

“ent” and “ant”

Today’s one-word prompt from Sheryl at Your Daily Word Prompt is “dependant.” The problem with that word is that my spell checker keeps highlighting it and my autocorrect keeps changing it to “dependent.” That’s because I have my spell-checker and autocorrect set to US (American) English. 190 more words

Flash Fiction

Back to the future

If you’ve been signed up to receive posts from this site you will have noticed nothing but tumbleweeds for over a year – but things are changing… 772 more words


I Have an Anti-reality Syndrome

This isn’t a medical term, this is something I just made up.. I mean the most relevant description of who I am.

I can’t handle the ugliness of the world anymore. 263 more words



Dogs wearing sweaters

and with mittens on their paws

joyfully walking.