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Three Worlds (2016)

1. Yours.
2. Mine.
3. Ours.
Belongs to everyone-
Filled with care.


Three Parties:
1. Birthday.
2. Anniversary.
3. Political.
According to much rhyme- 22 more words


We welcome your hatred!

My phone just told me that Dial M stats are booming. Huh. Thanks to vacation, beginning-of-year hubbub, and bronchitis, I haven’t written anything in ages. Well let’s see, where are all these pageviews coming from …. 23 more words



Brick Wahl is a former punk rock drummer turned ex-jazz critic and now just a writer, but then who isn’t.  He did a seven year run as a popular columnist at the LA Weekly. 43 more words


Three For That Sun (2016)

1. Warms earth.
2. Fruit and veggie growth.
3. Good day.
Always to find-
In the midst of sunshine.


Three Not To Miss: 51 more words


Not Great!

And I know I have your attention because there are so many things in life that are ‘not great.’ For example, it could be the weather. 469 more words


Kapag nagmamahal ang bigas, nagagalit ka. Pero ang fishball, kahit hindi magmahal palagi mo pa ding binibili. Parang ganito, kung sino yung mahal mo, siya naman yung ayaw sa’yo. 77 more words