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LB # 12 “Off to the shops”

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visited Burly Hills it was amazing I’m pretty sure you guys would love to visit so here is the slur♥


Now for this styled looked I have to say the high waisted jeans are EVERYTHING ! 91 more words



Mengulang kesalahan yang sama berkali-kali. Mengalah pada diri seperti tak pernah ada kemauan untuk berhenti. Lalu lari lagi?

Tidak. Berhenti dan hadapi.

“Ya, kau selalu benar.

236 more words

Cermin Langit

Aku menatapmu.

Ingatanku padamu agaknya mulai pudar. Meratap titik-titik acak di langit dan butuh waktu cukup lama untuk menemukan sebuah yang rasi cukup dikenal. “Ah, Scorpio!”, seruku dalam hati. 131 more words


I Love Jocularity!!!! (so blow me)!

Folks, there is something wrong with me.  I am in a constant state of hilarity!  Things other people cry at or are frightened of, I laugh at.  502 more words


Not where I want to be

I’m living a miserable existence. I’m alone in a house full of useless crap collected over many years of drug use and brilliant (at the time) ideas fueled by late nights and too much time to think… additionally, everywhere I look, there are unfinished projects and home improvements that I just don’t care enough about to finish… I just don’t care anymore. 243 more words


New Monitor

I have a new monitor. It’s big. Wide that is. According to the sign it’s 23.6″. It needs some getting used to.

It’s not that my old monitor was going bad although it did have some issues such as sometimes it decided it didn’t want to communicate with the CPU. 304 more words


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (National Museum Of African American History And Culture)

I didn’t know that it happened that way-

Because it was not shown or talked about in the day.

I didn’t know about all the good and the bad that had been done- 81 more words