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Making Your Mind Up...

So anyways, I mentioned that I’m looking to change the colour of our hallway, kitchen, TV room. This is a large space- and the space that you walk straight into. 610 more words


Clueless people

Ya know what, people deserve other people who appreciate and see what they do for them. I’m genuinely sick of doing all these things to try and make somebody happy and do the right thing for the bigger picture, and for what? 241 more words



Your looks amount to nothing.
Your personality,your goals are all looked over,unappreciated, judged with hatred. You,no matter how hard you try will never be good enough for someone who was never good enough for themselves.


Or Whatever

Back on the apathy train…finally printed up the ‘meh’ design from several weeks ago.  I feel like these are useful in my life.  They are calling cards, so they can be handed out and that way you don’t even have to go through the effort of speaking.


Drama of All Dramas

“What did he say?”

“He just said “Blessings” and signed his name.”

“Well that is a contrast from the “go to hell” he yelled at you a few years back isn’t it?” … 593 more words

Ground Your Self

Vague sacraments are offered
to lonely strangers
on a waterbed
of nails
but no one
I mean no one
cares enough about
the next sentiment… 99 more words


The Art of Imperfection

I love sewing. It is my safe place, my “me time”, my sanctuary. If I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed or low on spiritual energy, I like to turn to my sewing machine. 497 more words