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“True, I haven’t said I love you lately
..– some are struck blind, I mute and
..shipped away one night leaving only

..a hand and foot severed on the stoop… 172 more words


Dumping some previous notes from ma phone (2/18)

So I asked Zak to hang out today about 2.5 hours ago and no reply after he texted me back yesterday and earlier today. It could be because he doesn’t want to hang. 565 more words


The End is near

And it feels like the end is using everything left over in this struggle. It has been more winter the last two weeks than the whole dark half of the year together. 439 more words

Street -ish


“I was asked where I wandered when
..there’s no fair, and I indicated with a
..sweep of my hand and, re-indexing my

..wooden résumé, held it at such a level… 231 more words


Love me, love me not

Hey there nobody!

Ready for some more drama? Beforehand sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes it’s 11:20 p.m and I just want to sleep. 770 more words


I’m not sure yet what the name for the blog should be. I don’t know if I’ll keep writing in English or in Spanish. I don’t know many things and I wonder if I should know them by now, since I’ll be thirty in August. 165 more words


Homeward Bound

So all road trips need to end, else how could we say “on the road again”?  I was quite lucky in my choice of days to head back home.  305 more words