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“You call me steadfast and yet have no
idea of the movie playing now across
my inner sight, how it changes from

minute to minute, never replays, is the… 174 more words


After the after party

Tonight was rock n roll.
You became wild and beautiful
Weird yet still fun
Not the usual
For all I know,
The labyrinth was gone… 20 more words

Kpn bisa pake pisau ini~ kpn2 suatu hariiiiiiiiiiii hahahahahahahahahaha


Twenty Answers

In a post yesterday, I posed twenty “either/or” questions just to see how many other bloggers might pick up the gauntlet and take a shot at expressing their “this way or that way” (or neither way) preferences. 421 more words



Creating a photo book is easy, making it is not. One million ways to think and see – pick a path.

Meanwhile, I have not made so much of photography since I got trapped. 308 more words

Street -ish

Twenty Questions

Do you want to play a little game and have a little fun? Yes or no?

Well, if you said yes, here are 20 either/or questions for you. 167 more words


Photomass #10

I have not done /anything/ Christmas preparation go today so I am just gonna show you some photos of the day. 88 more words