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Closet cousin

My poor fucking hair is so dry and sad still. Trying to condition it and not over wash it as it recovers. In other news… my boyfriend is currently cleaning out the big closet in our hallway, because there is a chance my younger cousin might be fucking sleeping in there for a few days. 147 more words

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Friday Five...Another Melbourne Five...

So anyways, I was in Melbourne last weekend.

Sure, I was there for the Romance Australia Conference, but I did, of course, manage to find some time for wandering- and discovered a few new to me places. 696 more words


Weight Loss Woes

I’ve been meaning to make a post about my physical appearance, and after reading this, a lovely post about the objectification of men with abs, (I’ve been one to watch horrible films and television shows just to drool at eye candy. 669 more words



Tetapi kau…

Terlalu benar untuk disalahkan

Terlalu baik untuk burukkan

Terlalu sederhana untuk diacuhkan

Terlalu sempurna untuk diperjuangkan

Dan aku…

Terlalu lemah untuk diharapkan?

Masihkah kau?

Namun kita, selalu percaya padaNya.



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