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Three That Santa Claus Saw Back In The Day (2016)

1. Handwritten letters.

2. TV’s with no remote.

3. Gifts under the tree that were paid for.
But to no surprise-
The world was still filled with
children sporting shining eyes.


That Pie

I sit here looking around the room, searching for an idea.  I want to write, but I cannot seem to find that idea that just must be made into a story that people (I have to assume there are people out there) will read and maybe emit a chuckle during or after.   328 more words


General Feels.

I’m gonna shoot it straight, skip the entry, and hit you straight with the feels. 892 more words

Proper Exercise On Route-Beginning With One Foot In And Another Foot Out (21)

Good for the whole body as we walk down the street-

For the heart, for the lungs, for the feet.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 682 (Guns ‘n’ Christmas)

Santa was prepared for the holiday shoot-

He knew that the occasion would go well,

without dispute.

The folks came from all around-

Both young and old were readily found. 88 more words


Another Season At Hand (2006)

The getting ready for the holidays has just begun-

The preparation for the special day, is so much fun.

Lots of shopping won’t be missed- 195 more words