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"We can’t control the future, but we can bend it"

A great way to think about the impact you want to have while you’re here:

My hunch is that two things are true:

  • We have much less direct control over the future than we hope, and that it will always surprise us.
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"The people we surround ourselves with matter."

I really love this post from Farnam Street. In a few short paragraphs, it:

  • Asserts that the people that we surround ourselves with, either by choice or circumstance, matter…
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What I Learned In Kindergarten Today.

As I walked into the room, every eye was on me. I was invited, but not by them. I was much larger than any of them and no one knew my name. 573 more words



Currently reading Mini Habits by Stephen Guise

What I learned today:
Building habits by nature will lose excitement as time goes on. In the beginning we get enthusiastic about the progress that we make, but as the habit becomes stronger we don’t need need to think about htem as much. 64 more words

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Introducing the Smart Deck

We recently renovated our 15-year old wooden deck, and I wanted to share with you how we created a smart deck.  Here’s what it looked like before we started this project (we had already cut the benches up before I took the photo): 311 more words