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Anticipating the Mystery...

Crazy has ended. *Major happy dance* It has been so encouraging to finally settle down again into a routine and “normal” life. Well, if we can even say there is such a thing as a normal life anyways! 1,673 more words


Commencing Crazy in 3... 2... 1...

This week I went back to school. Not gunna lie, I was actually pretty excited – don’t get me wrong, it was lovely being home and spending time with all of my cousins, even if it was for my Grandma’s funeral, but I was also ready to go back. 1,440 more words


Coming soon - Birthdays

I just made a new category for my posts about what is happening in Czech Republic or what am I writting right now. I call it… 88 more words

Czech Republic

She's Home...

Mmmm so first off, I’m sorry that I missed last week. I do apologize. It’s been an extremely long week, but today my family and I celebrated the wonderful life of my Grandma. 1,706 more words


Can I Even...?

I want to move forward as a person. Who doesn’t? Let’s go with no one. I always try to step out of the box and look at the situation from different angles. 951 more words


Ditchin the Cars...

Have you ever felt where a week could not possibly be only seven days? This week was definitely one of those weeks. Technically speaking, this week was only, what, 168 hours? 845 more words


Maybe only we see it as bad...

You know how some people believe that bad things shouldn’t happen to good people. Or even better yet, bad things shouldn’t happen at all? Not gunna lie, that’s something that I’ve always wondered about but never had an answer to. 552 more words