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give thanks

Around this time each year, the act of giving thanks is promoted so heavily. Companies capitalize on the nostalgic and compassionate emotions that run high from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. 509 more words


what i wore / wardrobe cleanse

hey, all! this is going to kind of a long post about a lot of things (there might be a list or two squeezed in here but who can say?). 727 more words


Go Ahead, Laugh!

I was reminded of two very important things this week on living a happy life. I’m not kidding – this isn’t some garbage on breathing in and out and releasing “positive vibes”or whatever. 1,861 more words


two years: a reflection

matt and i celebrated our two year anniversary together this week. he’ll be visiting me this weekend, and we’re going to celebrate with hikes and coffee and reading and netflix and snuggles. 917 more words


birthday eve reflection

this semester has been hard. really, really hard. and yes, there have been peaks. beautiful hikes, reconnecting with jesus, amazing professors and academic success. but that doesn’t always mean that everything is great. 613 more words

What's Going On

National Kitchen and Bath: Bathroom Competition

This week has been a little bit of a gong show at school – an exciting gong show. The school that I attend is credited by the NKBA {National Kitchen and Bath} there are two schools in Canada with this accreditation, and another 34 schools are in the U.S. 764 more words


love that's far away

i’m dating my high school sweetheart, matthew. we’d known each other for years before that happened, though, but honestly, it never even crossed my mind that he would ever be more than that goofy kid from homeroom. 291 more words