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Transforming Ohio's Workforce

According to the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, one of the most critical gaps we face as a state is the “substantial shortage of working-age adults with the degrees and credentials required to be successful in the labor market – in other words, a gap between employer expectations and worker capabilities.” 696 more words

What's Happening On Campus

Paying homage to suffragettes on Election Day

By: McKenna Palczak

On Nov. 8, women took to the streets to thank the suffragettes of the early 1900’s for fighting for their right to vote on Election Day. 243 more words

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The Gateway is now syndicating The Raider Restroom Reader. To submit your events  email Amy Radik at amy.radik@fmcc.suny.edu

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Flags of The World

By: Jennifer Tran 

Photos By : Ryoko Sekiguchi 

FM’s student body is made up of nearly 100 international students from 25 different countries.

The Evans Library worked together with Students of the World club to greet new international students by hosting the Flags of the World event on Tuesday, October 11. 157 more words

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Louis Colbert Report

By: Elizabeth Anderson

Controversy was sparked upon electing officers at last month’s FM Student Senate Association meeting.

Louis Colbert was nominated as Vice Chair of the student senate by a fellow student senator, and ran unopposed. 286 more words

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By: Lacey Cirtwell

Registration for the spring semester here at FM officially began Monday, October 3 and academic advisors are now available to schedule appointments. 162 more words

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New Major a Possibility This Spring

By : Glenn Savarese

Website and Mobile Application Development is a new major in the works for the upcoming Spring Semester.

This new major will teach students how to make mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices (Ipads, Iphones, etc.), video games, also delving into the new technology of VR (or virtual reality) and creating professional websites from scratch. 220 more words

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