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Connecting academic and career planning

Over the past weeks, you have heard a lot about how Terra State is using this year’s Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) scores to evaluate how we do things. 701 more words

What's Happening On Campus

Building social communities at a community college

Two weeks ago, I discussed why Terra State cares about student engagement and cited our most recent CCSSE scores. To read this entry, click here… 518 more words

What's Happening On Campus

Cultivating cooperation for the betterment of our communities

The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. -Bertrand Russell

What is the goal of all true educational settings? To mold, teach and watch our students transform into independent thinkers that will make our communities and ultimately the world a better place. 760 more words

What's Happening On Campus

What makes Terra State stand apart?

The term AQIP probably doesn’t mean a lot to the people in our community but it should. While many at Terra State have heard the term, you might not be clear as to what it means to the College. 649 more words

What's Happening On Campus


This past Friday evening, Terra State celebrated its 47th Commencement, honoring the nearly 270 graduates in the class of 2016. This ceremony is special not only to our students but also to our faculty and staff, who have worked relentlessly to help our students achieve their goals of attaining a degree or certificate. 601 more words

What's Happening On Campus

The BIG picture: A closer look at National Security

Living and working in a rural community in Ohio, we sometimes forget that we’re a small part of one big world of diverse countries and customs. 517 more words

What's Happening On Campus