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What's in my purse

I’m actually obsessed with my purse, I bring it everywhere! Bags are the perfect accessory, they are useful, cute, and can totally be personalized.

Currently, I carry around a rust colored pleather bucket style purse from Charming Charlie’s.I got this a few years ago, but they are really in right now so I’m ahead of the trend! 641 more words


What's in my Purse!

So these are the stuff in my purse lately..with sample hand cream from ???, a pen I ‘stole’ from Vienna hotel, a lovely bracelet from brother (still in the blue plastic bag), a cash cow birthday gift.. 17 more words


1. Work Bag | Fossil

Why I Love It: The graphic design and durability. I usually wear very plain clothes, so I think that having a bold printed bag makes my outfits more interesting. 236 more words

Business Casual

What's In My Purse !

Hi there !

OK, let’s be honest, I am not the only person who likes these. I will be the first to say it, I carry a lot of unnecessary stuff in my purse and I find cleaning out my purse somewhat tedious. 289 more words


What's in my bag?

As a girl, I find there’s always things that we must carry around; the obvious being feminine paper, make up, or our phone. Given, some girls don’t wear make up or bother with phones, but I know the majority do. 418 more words

About Me

What's In My Purse

I recently got a new Betsy Johnson purse and wallet, and I am in love with them.  Although I know that I cannot wear it after Labor Day because it is white I still got it because I couldn’t resist.   770 more words