Tags » What's In My Purse

So this tag is all over the place and considering my bag is super tiny I thought I’d make a quick list of things I keep in my bag and then add to the list the things I keep in my car that I would keep in my purse if I carried a larger one. 218 more words

Go Through My Stuff: Adults Carry Too Much

Guys, I’m one step closer to being an actual adult. I recently started an internship at police headquarters, where I’m functioning as a research assistant. Which is cool. 544 more words

This Is Not A Quick Story

What's in My Purse? | Winter 2016

I love finding out was other girls keep in their purses so I thought I’d share what is in my purse and it’ll give me an excuse to clean out my purse. 240 more words


What's In My Everyday Purse

Hey guys, so I have a new post for you today, but it’s a little different. I’ve decided to take a dive into different categories for this blog. 308 more words


What's in my bag 2.0

So a while ago I did a ‘whats in my bag/tote’ but that’s a little outdated so I figured I’d bring you an update as I’m sure you’re SUPER interested in my belongings!!! 133 more words


New video is up!

Hey everyone!

My newest video is up on my channel, it’s a What’s in my Purse video so if ¬†you, like me, love watching those videos, please be sure to check it out here!

What's In My Travel Bag? | Skincare, Shower and Makeup.

I actually really love packing for a holiday. I like having to choose between products and plan out each look for the day and what takes up the least space and ‘ 1,242 more words