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What's in my purse

​Hello friends im going to give you a look in to my purse. But first off let me tell you about my purse its a black cross body bag from walmart. 186 more words


What's in Single Mom Chic's Bag?

After my 7 Chic Bags  I keep in Rotation post I received a reader request to do a What’s in My handbag post. I hesitated because I don’t really think the contents of my bag are all that interesting but then I remembered how much I like those… 865 more words


What's in my bag?

Hiya!! Today I’m doing an updated what’s in my bag post (an honest one…not that my others aren’t…but I’m not gonna lie and say “oh yes here, I always carry water” because I forget…or here’s a snack pack of unsalted almonds for a healthy on the go snack…like no.). 48 more words

What's In My Purse ? 

Let’s admit it, we are all somewhat nosey. So I love a good what’s in my purse video or blog post ! So here we go.. 79 more words


What's in My Bag? | Work Edition

To finish out my work week series, here is a look inside my work bag! I go over all the essentials I need for a functional and simple work tote.


What's In My Purse

Since it’s summer, I don’t have any classes which means I don’t need to carry a big backpack around with me all the time. Instead I carry around a cute small to medium sized cross body bag full of only the essentials. 459 more words

What's In My Purse 2016?

Hey, y’all! Today I’m going to be showing y’all what I keep inside my purse :) I use a purse every day for school and this is what I keep inside it at all times! 152 more words