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Rekindled Scraps of Sanity

finally. a breather from an endurement of consistent suffocating stifling strife and even disparaging disappointment for the most part. eureka.

well aware i have left out to write about a number of astrological queues as they manifested here recently but i have been busy regaining my sense of self ironically enough within a grand pasture of fantasy.  216 more words

What's New//Old

eve of all hallows' eve

this entry is brought to you by the card:

felt a little inspired by the aforementioned card due to the fact that it is the second consecutive day i drew it reversed. 177 more words

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eve of a friday the 13th

card pretty much says it all.

happy date of birth to me.

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the sun shinez upon me

though i have found much opposition and conflict of interest here lately i feel quite vitalized. i suppose that is why the lower everything is drawn to my recent immaculate vibratory explosion. 79 more words

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thoughtz on revelation 12

it appears as if september 23, 2017 marked some sort of date of significance. rumour even has it that the event had already occurred in 1999 and 2005. 174 more words

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nuances of a modest rejection

its come to my personal attention that i may have neglected the mission at hand for myself. to have let myself be distracted by so-called current events, moon cycles, and diluted imaginary scenarios. 302 more words

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enter the barley moon 2017

according to the almanac manual the full moon will be tomorrow mourning at 3:04am. trying to rise sooner in the day so i will probably sleep this one out. 88 more words

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