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What's On Deck, the Mid-February Edition

You can start calling me Cleopatra.

Because I have officially become the Queen of Denial.

What's On Deck

What's On Deck: The Valentine Edition

Maybe it’s just me …

But I think Cupid and Mother Nature might have had a little rendezvous on my deck.

What's On Deck

What's on Deck - the Movie Star Edition

Are you ready, kids?

Aye aye, Captain!

Ohhhhh –

Who lives in a pile of snow out on my deck …..

Honestly. Some people will do ANYTHING for publicity when they have a movie opening.

What's On Deck

What's On Deck - January 15

We got more snow!

BTW, that rectangular hole in the snow right beside the table? That’s what you call an Instant Chicken Stock cooler. Take your crockpot full of stuff, set it in the middle of the snow, and voila. 74 more words

What's On Deck

What's On Deck - January 8

Looks pretty innocent, doesn’t it? Snow, but not too much. Hang on. Let me give you another perspective.

Yep. It’s COLD out there today. (Remember, friends in the rest of the world – those temperatures are in Fahrenheit. 90 more words

Casa Chaos

What's On Deck ...

For the past few months, I’ve been doing something fun on my Facebook author page: taking a picture of my deck each Thursday to show how the winter comes and goes (and comes, and goes, and comes and comes and comes and slowly goes) in central New York. 391 more words

What's On Deck

What's on Deck: POE (Pumpkin Over Everything)

The star of tomorrow’s post and submission to The Spirit┬áis none other than the season’s “it” ingredient, pumpkin. I promise, it’s done in a manner unrelated to sweets, beverages, or candles. 18 more words