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There's Green On That Thar Deck!

The rain broke over the weekend and Hubs was finally able to do more work on the deck. The staining is almost done, and the plants are in. 49 more words

What's On Deck

We Interrupt This Deck Make-Over ...

The good news is that the deck has been pressure washed and restained.

The bad news is that we tried to do something fancy with the stain and – well – let’s just say, our work is still cut out for us. 103 more words

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Prettying Up The Deck

We didn’t get the pressure washer last weekend. The forecast was for July-like weather (HOT HOT HOT), and we also had a load of mulch delivered that had to be spread. 68 more words

What's On Deck

Welcome, New Deck Inhabitant!

The deck is coming along. Here’s how it looks this morning:

Yes, I finally got a tablecloth to pretty up the table. But most important: we have a shiny new grill! 91 more words

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What's On Deck: At Last I See The Lights

After last week’s little flirt with late-season snow, I am delighted to report that spring seems to have settled in. To celebrate, he girls and I headed to Target to get some solar lights. 58 more words

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What's On Deck: One Step Forward ...

Last week, I talked about wanting to spruce up the deck for warm weather. Turns out I was being a tad optimistic: this morning, we woke up to this.

Maybe next week ….

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What's On Deck: the Spring Version

Winter is over.

The snow is gone.

Which means it’s time to face the inevitable: the deck needs work.

Oh, nothing major. This is a good, sturdy deck, which we added when we bought the house back in ’98. 153 more words

What's On Deck