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The Hair Porosity Test

So I am finishing up this series on porosity, and I decided to end with the hair porosity test. This article answers the question, “How do you find out which type hair you have?” … 500 more words

What's The 411?

Spotlight on: Low Porosity Hair

There is a song by gospel artist, Rizon, called “No Entry.” This song comes to mind whenever I think of low porosity hair lol. Hair that is low porosity is not really porous. 661 more words

What's The 411?

Spotlight on: High Porosity Hair

So let’s say you are cruising down an open road on a hot summer day. Perhaps the only way you can survive is if you roll up the windows and turn on the AC. 625 more words

What's The 411?

Spotlight on: Medium Porosity Hair

I have never met someone who had medium porosity hair!

Although, I’m sure that you guys are out there somewhere. This article will be very short, because you guys are perfect lol. 154 more words

What's The 411?

The head, heart and hands approach 

Have you ever found yourself in a certain situation (or surrounded by certain people); and at that moment, not understood the significance of why you were there? 158 more words

What is Hair Porosity?

If you look at the word porosity you may detect that root word “pore.” A pore is a hole or an opening. Porosity therefore measures how open or “hole-y” something is. 328 more words

What's The 411?

New Topic Coming Soon...(Hair Porosity Series)

Hey Bellas,

So in preparation for my next article, I noticed that there is so much that I want to share about natural hair! I get so excited and sometimes I just don’t know where to start lol. 212 more words

What's The 411?