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When the Chipmunks I Photographed Are Squirrels: How to Tell the Difference Between Chipmunks and Squirrels

Do you know the difference between the chipmunk and squirrel? I thought squirrels have one basic look–brownish gray, fluffy–and animals that look somewhat similar but striped are chipmunks. 644 more words


Dating and Interviews: What's the Difference?

As I’ve mentioned several times on my blog: I’m job hunting. I want to find a job that can use my skills and help me really grow. 857 more words


Come or go?

Chinese has words corresponding to “come” (來) and “go” (去), but the way they’re used is a little different from English. For this reason, using the English words correctly can be a challenge for Chinese speakers. 439 more words

Common Mistakes

a and an- what's the difference.

The answer is ‘an’ because ‘hour’ starts with a vowel sound. In English classes many students are told that they use ‘a’ if the noun starts with a consonant and ‘an’ if the noun starts with a vowel. 33 more words


"Toast" is a false friend

A “false friend” is a word that is similar to a word in your language but doesn’t quite have the same meaning. You assume you know what it means, but in fact you may have the wrong idea. 137 more words

Common Mistakes

"Try to + V" vs. "try + Ving"

Do you ever feel confused about the difference between “try to + V” and “try + Ving”? Try reading this post and see if it helps. 573 more words

What's The Difference?

Book vs Movie: The Sex of Game of Thrones - What's the Difference

This month CineFix do the episode of What’s the Difference? you’ve been waiting for. No, not The Game of Thrones differences. The sex scene differences of… 154 more words

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