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What's the Difference: Formal vs. Informal Writing Styles

Have you ever wondered if you are using the right tone of voice in your writing? When is it appropriate to just write like you would talk to a friend? 204 more words


Why You Should Apply for GOE

EPIK, GEPIK, SMOE, GOE: These are the most common programs you can apply for to get a public school job in Korea. What’s the difference? So which one should you apply for ? 921 more words


Book vs Movie: The Crow - What's the Difference?

Is The Crow one of your favourite cult movies? Well, it should be. CineFix discuss the movie and the comic it was based upon in this month’s… 266 more words

Tyson Adams

Book to Movie: Harry Potter part 2 - What's the Difference?

Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix are covered in this month’s instalment of What’s The Difference? from CineFix. Previously they covered earlier books and movies, this is part 2 of 3. 300 more words

Tyson Adams

Macro vs. Module: What's the Difference?

A macro is code representing instructions for Excel. You can run a macro.

A module contains code, therefore, contains macros. You cannot run a module directly; however, you can run procedures inside a module.