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Book to Movie: Harry Potter part 2 - What's the Difference?

Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix are covered in this month’s instalment of What’s The Difference? from CineFix. Previously they covered earlier books and movies, this is part 2 of 3. 300 more words

Tyson Adams

Macro vs. Module: What's the Difference?

A macro is code representing instructions for Excel. You can run a macro.

A module contains code, therefore, contains macros. You cannot run a module directly; however, you can run procedures inside a module.


Book to Movie: The Bourne Identity - What's The Difference?

This month the Cinefix team are covering the differences between The Bourne Identity movie and book. So this will either be a super short episode or a super long one. 378 more words

Tyson Adams

Book to Movie: Harry Potter - What's The Difference?

I guess it was only a matter of time. CineFix have finally gotten around to comparing the Harry Potter series of books to the movies. This is part 1 of 3. 270 more words

Tyson Adams

What's the Difference Between Trump's Wall and the DNC's Wall Around its Philadelphia Convention?

Source: Activist Post, by Catherine J. Frompovich

The dichotomies emerging at the Democratic National Convention venue in Philadelphia; within the party’s stated valued ‘principles’; and real-time actions definitely need to be pointed out, especially since “Pillory Hillary” and the left’s party of ‘inclusion’—or should that be ‘ 592 more words