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What's the difference? Soup Pots vs. Stock Pots

Pop art icon Andy Warhol may have made the Campbell’s soup can a work of art, but the soup in the can can’t compare to homemade soup. 875 more words

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What’s the Difference? Sauté pan, sauteuse, saucepan

Take Our PollMany pans you may have in your kitchen start with an “s,” including:

  • Sauté pan
  • Sauteuse pans, and
  • Saucepans

From their names alone, you may not know what each pan was engineered to excel at. 580 more words


What’s the Difference? Chef’s knife vs. santoku knife

When I select a knife to use, I look at my magnetic knife strip, deciding which qualities I want for the task at hand. For instance, when slicing tomatoes, I want a sharp serrated edge that will glide through the produce. 576 more words


What’s the difference? A colander, a strainer, a berry bowl

What do you call a bowl that has little holes in it? A colander? A strainer? Maybe even a berry bowl? With that limited description, any one of those answers could be correct. 529 more words

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What's the difference?

The question I always get asked by my friends and family is ‘what’s the difference between Bb cream, cc cream and tinted moisturiser?’ Now don’t know the answer. 31 more words



From very tender ages we were taught by being told what to do. From parents and older siblings at home, teachers in schools, to elders in the neighborhood. 517 more words

What's The Difference