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Macro vs. Module: What's the Difference?

A macro is code representing instructions for Excel. You can run a macro.

A module contains code, therefore, contains macros. You cannot run a module directly; however, you can run procedures inside a module.


Book to Movie: The Bourne Identity - What's The Difference?

This month the Cinefix team are covering the differences between The Bourne Identity movie and book. So this will either be a super short episode or a super long one. 378 more words

Tyson Adams

Book to Movie: Harry Potter - What's The Difference?

I guess it was only a matter of time. CineFix have finally gotten around to comparing the Harry Potter series of books to the movies. This is part 1 of 3. 270 more words

Tyson Adams

What's the Difference Between Trump's Wall and the DNC's Wall Around its Philadelphia Convention?

Source: Activist Post, by Catherine J. Frompovich

The dichotomies emerging at the Democratic National Convention venue in Philadelphia; within the party’s stated valued ‘principles’; and real-time actions definitely need to be pointed out, especially since “Pillory Hillary” and the left’s party of ‘inclusion’—or should that be ‘ 592 more words



The systems were down at work today so I did some messing around online and subtitled some videos. I also might be getting a little closer to being able to make that a job. 14 more words

Edit vs Revise

I have talked a little about revision and given some tips on how to tackle that but it came to my attention that editing a project and revising it are two different things. 391 more words


Wordpress - what's the difference between a Category and a Tag?

As I write blog posts myself, this is a question I’ve typed into Google recently.

Google introduced me to WP Beginner. Scanning through, I thought this was handy to share: 87 more words