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American Apparel: No THOTs allowed

Remember when American Apparel was your favorite spot to buy the same unitard in 8 different colors?

The tumultuous rebranding and internal conflict that the company is facing stems from  a leaked casting ad calling for “real models” and not “Instagram hoes or thots*” 36 more words


Comcast: anti-trust gone bust?

As of late, the possible Comcast buyout of Time Warner Cable has raised the eyebrows of critics who argue that the merger would corrupt the market place, reducing competition and inevitably raising cable prices for consumers. 101 more words


What's Up With That | Peer Review

Last week a friend sent me a link to a website that had some pretty scary statements on it and asked, “IS THIS TRUE?????” Most of us know that when a friend sends us an all-caps message with an uneven number of question marks, the issue requires immediate attention. 667 more words


Science Explains Why Cats Love Boxes So Much

To the people that like, love and/or own cat(s), have you ever wondered why cats just love boxes so much? Do you ever wonder why, when you buy your cat a quite expensive toy, but when you show the toy to your cat, the cat oft runs to the box the toy came in or the nearest box that they can find instead of the great, amazing, superb toy that you got your cat?. 353 more words

Science/Environmental News

What's Up With That? Can Parents Really Tell Their Child's Cry from Other Children's?

The Scene:
One rainy Saturday I decided to take my newly minted toddler to a large indoor play area, as did apparently every other parent in the area. 687 more words

What's Up With That?

Why Malaysia?

Anyone else, here, been wondering..?
Three suspicious airline disappearances this year..
MH-370, MH-17, and now QZ8501..
Two of them Malaysia Air planes, the most recent one an Air Asia plane from Malaysia.. 153 more words

F@*ked-up S#!t

Just a reminder

Class. Remember that the assignment is due on Monday. Look back at the previous post to see what is required of you. I am looking forward to seeing quality product that you all have been working diligently on. 47 more words

What's Up With That?