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What's Up With That?- Travel Edition- 11-9-15

My semi-regular ramble on things that pop into my head ( thought poppers ) and other things that struck me and caused me to scratch my head while I’ve been away on this trip. 440 more words


What's Up With That?- Wednesday 10/28/15

After a cold medicine induced several day trip to Deliriousville , here is my Wednesday ramble on things I wondered about while I was “gone”. 446 more words


What's Up with That?-Wednesday Edition

Time once again for a ramble in the What’s Up With That bramble.

Electric Toothbrushes.  What’s up with those?

I’ve been brushing my teeth using just arm power for almost 60 years and suddenly the dentist tells me I need electricity to do it?   315 more words


Why are guys so dramatic when they are sick?

This week’s ‘What’s up with that?’ feature spotlights the dramatic world of guys when they come down with a sickness. ‘What’s up with that?’ is something that I say almost on an everyday basis, so why not share my ‘What’s up with that?’ thoughts with all of you? 499 more words


Old, rustic cop car rests along Red Arrow for a reason

By Tony Wittkowski | Business Reporter | The Herald Palladium

STEVENSVILLE — Red Arrow Highway has at least one cop car stationed along its winding asphalt 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 435 more words



Are we seeing the end of an era? The era of cheap, fast burgers that is…

Probably not, but in 60 years McDonalds has seen some better times than they are now. 223 more words


American Apparel: No THOTs allowed

Remember when American Apparel was your favorite spot to buy the same unitard in 8 different colors?

The tumultuous rebranding and internal conflict that the company is facing stems from  a leaked casting ad calling for “real models” and not “Instagram hoes or thots*” 36 more words