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What's up with that? A shoe from heaven?

Periodically I wonder about things I observe.

This morning, on the way to work, there was a tennis shoe…does anyone still call them tennis shoes? Running, walking, cross training….ugh…too much to remember…anyway, there was a shoe in the middle of the road.   439 more words


What's up with that? West Side Story-Road Rage Edition

The jumbley thoughts in my brain all jelled around this road rage news story last night and I had to ask; What’s up with acting out your road rage? 342 more words


When a prayer becomes a stumbling block

In our parish’s Perpetual Adoration Chapel there are some prayer booklets. Adorers are asked to begin their Holy Hour with these prayers so that there is a continuous unity of prayer flowing through the chapel. 430 more words


What's Up With That?- Holiday Edition

Here is my list of shoulder shrugging, eye rolling ponderings about the holidays.

What’s up with scary looking mall Santa’s?

I’m an adult, and I’d cry if you sat me on this guy’s lap. 364 more words


What's Up With That?- Travel Edition- 11-9-15

My semi-regular ramble on things that pop into my head ( thought poppers ) and other things that struck me and caused me to scratch my head while I’ve been away on this trip. 440 more words


What's Up With That?- Wednesday 10/28/15

After a cold medicine induced several day trip to Deliriousville , here is my Wednesday ramble on things I wondered about while I was “gone”. 446 more words


What's Up with That?-Wednesday Edition

Time once again for a ramble in the What’s Up With That bramble.

Electric Toothbrushes.  What’s up with those?

I’ve been brushing my teeth using just arm power for almost 60 years and suddenly the dentist tells me I need electricity to do it?   315 more words