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HONEYsuckle Flower Power

“My vines climb to great heights.”
March 21 – April 19
If you are born under the sign of the honeysuckle you are sweet to the senses of others. 90 more words


Stay the course and never lose sight of the goal

I pass this sign when trail running in the neighborhood. I have no idea who posted it or to what it refers.

All I know is it motivates me to keep running uphill while my cardiovascular system shrieks. 170 more words

What's Your Sign?

Your Sexiest Quality According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your horoscope is your North Star — the guiding light that leads you safely to shore through the ocean of life. But your zodiac sign is more than just a signpost that points you in the right direction. 521 more words

5 Really Good Reasons You Should Totally Believe Your Horoscope

The other day, I was explaining to my friend that I couldn’t go to her party; when pressed as to why, I explained with levity: “Well… it has something to do with my horoscope.” This then initiated an hour long conversation in which I had to defend my intelligence “despite” my belief in such “supernatural mumbo jumbo.” I should have just gone out partying. 355 more words

10 Reasons Leos Are The Least Boring People You Know

Leos are the lions of the zodiac kingdom. Born into the fiery heat of the summer sun, these lions are some pretty fierce, bold and interesting creatures. 742 more words

5 Reasons Cancers Make The Best Roommates Ever

In between feisty Gemini and in-your-face Leo is a more quite, mellow astrological sign. This is none other than Cancer, the crustacean out of all the Zodiac animals. 626 more words