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Sound Off–BEK, BEC & National Security

  BEK? BEC? Yes! I have something new, perhaps disturbing to many of you, to offer on the very scary subject of BEK (Black- Eyed Kids) and BEC (Black-Eyed Children).   38 more words


Ark of the Covenant 2.0

  Ark of the Covenant? Though I know it’s been ages (apt considering the antiquity of the matter being addressed), I finally have something tangible to report. 40 more words


Sound Off 1 UFO Antigravity Play in PRC?

Sound Off now begins with something Karl’s been on me for ages to do: video curation. Simply put, this is posting a video and talking about it. 44 more words


Ark of the Covenant Raided! The In-Depth Story 1.5

The Ark of the Covenant (as beautifully explained above) was Raided, and I already presented that set of bombshells in Part 1 of this mind-boggling detail rich JKI/SA exclusive. 42 more words


Ark of the Covenant Raided! The In-Depth Story 1

Ark of the Covenant–Raided! Really! is the title of a JKI world exclusive post outing Israel’s most astounding and in many ways incredible (in several levels of meaning) commando raid ever.   41 more words


Helen Duncan: UK’s WW II Medium Extraordinaire!

Helen Duncan, full name Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan, went by “Nell,” was, on the face of it, a simple Scottish housewife, a poor one at that and saddled with a manipulative, scheming, lazy, somewhat feeble husband and six kids (bore twelve, but only six survived). 26 more words


Curry whatsit in a wrap

In all honesty, I have no idea what to call this. I was going to make some bean burgers, but after a long day, I just felt too lazy! 339 more words