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Demon Dropped In Uninvited–Killed It!

English: The Temptation of St. Anthony by Martin Schöngauer c. 1480-90. Engraving. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain. Demon? 43 more words


Witches, Vampires and the Borg Part 2

Witches, Vampires and the Borg Part 1 was written some time ago, but I am finally in good enough shape to provide you, my patient readers, with Part 2. 41 more words



I have an LG Side load steam washer. The model number WN3070H*A
It is leaking out of the small 2 inch (approx) white plastic plug just under the cold inlet. 100 more words

Salt Lake Gaggenau Repair

OPERATION HIGHJUMP–USS Pine Island Cover-up! Part 1

OPERATION HIGHJUMP  was officially intended to create the first US Antarctic base known as Little America, but to those prepared to look beyond the official story and the canonical version of history, it was something else altogether. 35 more words


Witches, Vampires and the Borg Part 1

The above is from the TV series “TRUE HORROR–with Anthony Head,” who was Giles in the mega hits “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the spinoff “Angel.” Witches, Vampires and the Borg (among others) form my sprawling subject, a matter whose unfortunate delays in publication have gotten me excoriated repeatedly by Ground Contingents, since it […] 14 more words


Sound Off–BEK, BEC & National Security

  BEK? BEC? Yes! I have something new, perhaps disturbing to many of you, to offer on the very scary subject of BEK (Black- Eyed Kids) and BEC (Black-Eyed Children).   38 more words


Ark of the Covenant 2.0

  Ark of the Covenant? Though I know it’s been ages (apt considering the antiquity of the matter being addressed), I finally have something tangible to report. 40 more words