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Wheat Berry Salad + Merveilleux

It’s Friday! I will be sharing two Cook the Book Fridays recipes with you today. I had intended to make the dessert, called Merveilleux, for Valentine’s Day, but I was sick with a nasty cold that week and just didn’t feel up to making it. 479 more words


Sunrise Flour Mill's Search for Better Flour

This is an article I worked on last fall and it is a story I am very proud to tell. Follow the link below to learn about Sunrise Flour Mill. 16 more words

Food Thoughts & Recipes

Blender soaked pancakes 

I know I’m a little too excited about this,  But I’ve never really cared for the traditional pancake. They were just too cake -like for me.   224 more words

In The Kitchen


My first attempt at sprouting wheat and grinding my own sprouted grain flour went very well!!




Use only whole raw non-gmo seeds to sprout… 185 more words

Back To Basics

Capsali Salad

Back in May we made a quick weekend trip to the Greek island of Kythera for the offical re-opening of the island’s archaeological museum. It had been shut for some years due to earthquake damage. 577 more words


What the Hell Do You Do With Wheat Berries?

I was feeling extra “earthy-granola” one day when I went grocery shopping so I came home with a shit-ton of wheat berries. A year later and they were still sitting here like, “Hey dumbass, you should really make something with this 4-pound bag of bird seed you bought.” 184 more words


Wheat berries w/ crisp vegetables and aged Gouda.

I cracked the wheat berry code. You didn’t know that was a thing? Well, it was for me. I love them: they’re an increasingly easy to find whole grain, a great canvas for a variety of flavors, nutty and nutritious, with protein, dietary fiber and iron galore. 948 more words