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Mediterranean Grain Soup

Mediterranean in May

 I make a lot of soups, especially in Spring, Fall and Winter when the outside temperatures are cooler. There is something about sipping warm, soothing soup with some croutons or crusty bread, that is so appealing.

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Baked Farro and Butternut Squash

I picked up a beautiful butternut squash at Highland Orchards, big enough for 2 meals.  For the first, I made Ina Garten’s Baked Farro & Butternut Squash.   274 more words


Grain Differences You Should Know

There are few aromas in my opinion that trump the smell of freshly baked breads.  I would have to say this is perhaps one of my most beloved food on this planet and my last meal would have to include bread of some kind. 680 more words

Healthy Habits

Beans & Greens Soup - White & Pinto with Kale & Wheat Berries

We were hoodwinked, tricked, fooled!  For a few days, the sun was shining, the temp warmed up, the crocuses were in bloom…I even convinced Evan, who’s 5 and very attached to things staying the same, that it was time to switch from the winter jacket to a nice springy fleece (not an easy task!). 626 more words

Warm Chickpea Salad with Burst Cherry Tomatoes

It’s been a solid month since my last recipe and I don’t want to bitch about the weather, but I have seriously got the last gasp of winter blues. 453 more words


How to Grow Wheat Grass

Wheat grass seems to be one of the latest popular go-to foods in the health world. It is also one of the easiest things I have ever grown.   472 more words

Food Hacks

Orange, Arugula, Fennel, and Wheat Berry Salad

Ever cook with wheat berries before? If not, you should try it. A versatile and high-fiber grain, wheat berries are said to be the mother grain from which pasta, bread and flour are derived. 343 more words

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