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Capsali Salad

Back in May we made a quick weekend trip to the Greek island of Kythera for the offical re-opening of the island’s archaeological museum. It had been shut for some years due to earthquake damage. 577 more words


What the Hell Do You Do With Wheat Berries?

I was feeling extra “earthy-granola” one day when I went grocery shopping so I came home with a shit-ton of wheat berries. A year later and they were still sitting here like, “Hey dumbass, you should really make something with this 4-pound bag of bird seed you bought.” 184 more words


Wheat berries w/ crisp vegetables and aged Gouda.

I cracked the wheat berry code. You didn’t know that was a thing? Well, it was for me. I love them: they’re an increasingly easy to find whole grain, a great canvas for a variety of flavors, nutty and nutritious, with protein, dietary fiber and iron galore. 948 more words


Farro Salad with Spring Greens

APRIL 30th, 2016 — Salads are usually the one thing I don’t order out because I know I can make a similarly tasty salad for cheap. 262 more words


A Winter "Risotto"

It seems odd posting about winter dishes when it’s almost 90 degrees outside and looks like this:

Ah, Southern California!

Whatever the temperature, it is… 1,055 more words


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Bars

Nolan has decided that his favorite food is chocolate. “Chocolate is a good snack, Mom.” Nolan wants chocolate on or with almost everything he eats. Thankfully, his mama is hip to the word on dark chocolate, which is all he’s ever had. 705 more words


Salad in January? You bet!

Today I want to share a few of my favorite salads that I like to make during the winter months. Of course salads are popular during the summer, when it’s hot and the fresh, ripe ingredients are available outside the backdoor or at the local farmer’s market or grocery store. 994 more words

Seasonal Produce