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Healthy Oat and Raspberry Bars

After being glutenfied last night and feeling like rubbish today I needed a little pick me up and what’s a better pick me up than healthy cake?! 155 more words


Homemade polenta fries and chicken strips

So yesterday I tried TWO new things in one meal, risky I know! Both were thanks to a trip to my local whole¬†foods store… One was polenta fries. 697 more words


Bar Burrito, Glasgow

Everyone has a day where they just want loads of meat, cheese and some spice right?

I haven’t found anywhere that sells gluten free burritos (if any of you have please let me know!) but naked burritos and nachos come a good second best. 94 more words


Day 84

It’s been a while since I posted in my blog because eliminating food is not that exciting. But I have still been going ahead with my 2017 New Years resolution and slowly slowly the weight is coming off. 178 more words

Gluten Free Upside Down Apple Cake

This was the first gluten free cake I ever made and is one that has recently been requested  for a bake sale by a non-gluten free colleague at work! 410 more words


Loudons, Edinburgh

If you are gluten free and live in Edinburgh you would have heard of Loudons before. They are known for offering a great choice of yummy gluten free breakfast, brunch, lunch and cake options and their staff are very clued up on gluten free, cross contamination etc which is always good to hear! 176 more words


Gluten Free White Bread Loaf

How expensive are gluten free bread loaves?! Although they are convenient and most brands seems to have worked out how to not get so many holes in the slices (but not all), I still like baking my own bread when I have time. 260 more words