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Wallpaper Too Old & Brittle to Work With

This kitchen wallpaper was stained by a water leak. There was enough left over paper to replace the damaged section. BUT – the paper had been stored in a hot Houston attic since the ’70’s – that’s 35 years! 152 more words


Don’t ever underestimate laughter! Wheat pastes by street artist wild drawing in the center of Athens in order to remember the basics. Start your days with… 31 more words

Street Art

Sesak [Malaysian Wheat Paste Grandmaster] Interview

This is an interview taken from Trypophobia zine volume 2. Sesak was like an ultimate master when it come to political wheat pasting for me….. i don’t know what to write la sedara so let’s get right into it. 1,362 more words

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Lumsden and District Arts Council Workshops

The Lumsden and District Arts Council is offering two workshops this winter that may be of interest! Priority for registration is given to local residents up to 2 weeks before each class (“local” means you live within the Lumsden school district), but if there are spots left others can join! 275 more words


Brooklyn-based duo and legends of the street art world, FAILE have been producing their signature collage pieces since for nearly 20 years. I used to roll and pack their prints back in the day so caught up with them to see what’s going down. 1,039 more words


It's Election Day 2016

Please let the four-headed dragon win — because the foul-mouthed, orange-haired liar is a selfish, mean-spirited, misogynist-asshole, who will destroy this country.  So, I’m with the dragon lady because she is smart, experienced, and totally qualified to be president.   24 more words

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