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Deskey details.

I helped put up this wheat paste mural on the side of our building this afternoon…

It was promoting a Deskey/Bluearth sponsored documentary called LOOK & SEE: A Portrait of Wendall Berry… 245 more words


"What's Going On?" by Wendy Sittner

Hi Don,

I wonder if Marvin Gaye knew just how timeless his politically charged song would be when he sang “What’s Going On?” I drew this illustration and pasted it around the streets of Washington, D.C., knowing that it would likely be well-received, especially given that Marvin Gaye’s hometown was D.C. 161 more words

Art As The Message

Loyalty Lies In Louisville

Earlier this month I was on the road again. This time I pasted up some posters in the city of Louisville. My friend (and Louisville resident) Jennifer Palmer assisted me with the job. 23 more words


Wallpaper Too Old & Brittle to Work With

This kitchen wallpaper was stained by a water leak. There was enough left over paper to replace the damaged section. BUT – the paper had been stored in a hot Houston attic since the ’70’s – that’s 35 years! 152 more words


Don’t ever underestimate laughter! Wheat pastes by street artist wild drawing in the center of Athens in order to remember the basics. Start your days with… 31 more words


Sesak [Malaysian Wheat Paste Grandmaster] Interview

This is an interview taken from Trypophobia zine volume 2. Sesak was like an ultimate master when it come to political wheat pasting for me….. i don’t know what to write la sedara so let’s get right into it. 1,362 more words

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